Comic 945 - Two shots hallway

3rd Jul 2017, 7:02 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Two shots hallway
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Lackinganame 3rd Jul 2017, 7:02 AM edit delete
Ok so because of the Holiday page this is only a two page week. So go on and check out that Holiday page to get your full three week update!

Or you can click the link and see the image your self!

Happy 4th of July 2017

(next update 7-10-17)

Now for the ramble.

I was thinking about the dance studio and how it was scrapped because the thought came around that it's something that would get very little use.

But as I finished the Death of Cromie scenario and got that Transmog set I had a interesting thought. "The dace studio would have more relevance today then most of the WotLK content does now!"

Let me explain this. You see the only thing that matters from the WotLK now are the armor cosmetics, mounts, and pets. No gear! No Trinkets! NOTHING ELSE! The thing that mater are just cosmetic with no impact on game play. This means that well a cosmetic item offers little imitate value at release it is very unlikely to fade and can even increase in value as time goes on.

In Legion we've seen two full sets of gear one from the Trial of Valor raid and one from the Death of Cromie scenario be offered as rewards. These sets are strictly cosmetic. This helps over come the problem WoW has faced of how to reward players. Gold is used mostly between player. and tokens are used for event specific currency. Gear leads to power creep. So by offering cosmetic gear this grants the possibility of rewarding players with out negative impact on the game play.

We've seen this way back when the game first launch. Mounts where the reward for rep grinds. These offered cosmetics and no power creep. So the offering of cosmetics for rewards is not a new idea it's just a evolution of something that was always in the game. But lets evolve this some more. There are currently a a few selection of cosmetics in the game. Mounts, Pets, Transmogs, Hair/face.

Ok so what if dance was to be added to that or more emotes. That would bring the total up to 5 different forms of character customization. Now lets tie this into the reward system. What if you could be rewarded with new hair styles or emotes for completing extra tasks in the game. What if for reaching exalted with the darkspear you unlocked war paint for your face or that sick dance move you always wanted?

We haven't seen update to the hair/face since it was fist added to the game, and then again when the new models game out. But maybe rethinking what cosmetics can be rewarded can lead to more unique rewards for questing experiences. What if as you progress through a quest chain you unlocked parts of an armor set rather then just the whole armor at the end. What if you mixed emotes in their as well to spice up the reward system?

Customization for a player is something that doesn't offer direct impact for the game play. But as such it never really ages and can hold power over the play population nearly with out limit.

(next update 7-10-17)


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Maryalee 3rd Jul 2017, 6:31 PM edit delete reply
You're on to something there. I know people that quite literally play the game for transmog now. They don't do competitive raiding, they're not interested in maxing their gear out to the infinite decimal, they're not even that interested in Tier sets for the bonuses. What they care about is: "how does it look, and what kind of outfits can I create with it?" That's the end game for them, seeing how many different outfits they can earn/create.

I could care less about transmog. DK me wore the same transmog for 4 years until I stopped playing: [img][/img]. I am as stoic with my other characters. I choose simple over flashy, and almost NEVER like the newer armor sets. The game for me is the mechanics, how the characters feel to play. It's why I've pretty much told Blizzard to stuff their *&@&$%! class fantasy where it's dark and wet. There is no conceivable cosmetic reward that would convince me to bring characters out of retirement to participate in Legion. Class mounts haven't done it. Armor sets haven't done it. Cosmetic rewards are wasted on me and other players like me.
Domestic Goddess 5th Jul 2017, 5:49 PM edit delete reply
Love the 4th of July pic! Nothing says freedom like blowing your own face off. 😃 Seriously though, I love the fiendish joy on her face!
RagingArbiter 22nd Jul 2017, 7:55 PM edit delete reply
Its. A trap!
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