Comic 943 - procuring humans

26th Jun 2017, 7:03 AM in Spirit of Adventure
procuring humans
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Lackinganame 26th Jun 2017, 7:03 AM edit delete
Well the three pages are up. I hope you enjoyed this week's update! But don't worry things are still continuing on.

I guess in other news I made the header image for Blizzard watch's comic collection again! Now if don't know what that is I'll tell you! Every Friday Blizzard watch does a collection of Video game comics based on Blizzard IP's (for the most part) It's a great place to find many awesome World of Warcraft themed comics and if your doing a comic of your own. Try and see if you can join the collection, it's great for views!

Now to try out the LINKS!! Blizzard Watch weekly comic round up! 2-23

(next update 7-3-17) Hmm I need a holiday...


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domestic goddess 26th Jun 2017, 10:47 AM edit delete reply
This mad scientist has a "simplistic mind" if he thinks Aura and Cer'Veje are just going to hop in the harvester to help with his messed up science project.
Maryalee 26th Jun 2017, 4:37 PM edit delete reply
I think Arua is going to hop on his ass and flail it into tiny pieces as soon as she can get to him. I figure they'll have to flay through some more stalkers to do that. And possibly some more people.

Wonder if that's going to be problematic for her now that she knows what they really are?
Trigonometry 1st Jul 2017, 2:54 PM edit delete reply
Oh, it's all been a misunderstanding. The scientist is just working on improving things around here. I promise, unlife is pretty good.

Okay, okay... sheesh. Lifers. I was just teasing. Kick 'em hard where it counts, Arua.
Maryalee 1st Jul 2017, 10:23 PM edit delete reply
Hey I appreciate a good undead joke as much as any other DK. But he's gone too far here. He's not allowed to make his own race from people parts.
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