Comic 919 - Something knocking at the window

1st May 2017, 7:04 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Something knocking at the window
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Lackinganame 1st May 2017, 7:04 AM edit delete
OK something wants in there is only one thing to do!

Kill it with rambles!

I saw in a interview this week on MMO Champion that they where talking about how for years now Blizzard has worked towards bring the player not the class. And they are starting to feel like they may have pushed it to far.

I can agree. Well they have tried to increase class lore and identity over the last few expansions this has lead to a lot of ability just being themed. One of the biggest gripes I do have about this is how Palidens lost there Aura abilities. But if the success of Heros of the Storm and Overwatch has shown us anything is that their is room in game play for team composition game play.

Now well both these games are PvP games I think you can make this work in PvE as well.

Two classes I feel like that could really do well with a design in rolls are Pallys and Shamans.

For the Pallys bring back the Aura's and make them a little more part of their class play. Make it so ya their ok solo. But where they really shine through is with groups of players! This can help strengthen the feel of a pally as a class this is about others and not one's self.

On the other end bring back more of the Shaman totem game play. Make it so the Shaman is all about area control. Let Shamans be ok with out the totems but where they excel at is finding a spot to hunker down in. Add a bit of a cool down to the totems so they can't just drop them where ever. and give the totems some health so they can be killed off thus weakening the Shaman foot hold. However also make totems stronger so and maybe even a deployment buff for the longer they are out. This will help with the shaman identity as talking with the elements. Rather then running every where it helps sells the idea that a shaman is draws strength from the elements that it speaks with and the longer it speaks the more they trust it.

These are just two examples of how moving a class past rolls and into more of game play can be combined with a bit lore reasoning and help create more identity for that class beyond what color of lazer they shoot.

If you have some ideas or thought please share them below!

(next update 5-8-17)


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Maryalee 1st May 2017, 7:24 PM edit delete reply
Player not Class was a Ghostcrawler concept that developed as a reaction to the Class-Centrism of Vanilla raids. In those huge 40M raids it became an established fact that you needed X Warriors per boss to kite adds, you needed X Shaman to cover buffs and counter Y abilities, and you had to have certain healers per boss because abilities, and you needed X Mages because buffs, X hunters with certain pets because buffs, and the ability to disengage/wingclip/kite THAT add, and everyone you had in raid had to have certain resistances and EVERYONE had to be attuned or they couldn't even enter the raid. It was a mess.

So Player #=# Class was intended to reflect a content composed such that any class was just as good as any other at dealing with it. Unfortunately the only way this truly works is if every class's abilities are perfectly homogeneous and every encounter is constructed such that it presents nothing special, nothing outside a set norm. It would have to behave that way if it were intended that every class could handle the content equally well. In physics such a system would illustrate negative entropy as the energy slowly bled out of it. In practice Player > Class only works in the absence of competition. In any situation where a particular class mechanics are seen to have a competitive advantage dealing with a particular content, that is who most people are going to insist on bringing.For it to work in PVE you would have to have each class somehow "Equally" competitive, each in their own unique way, WITHOUT them have unique advantages on some content, and WITHOUT any of them feeling OP. I honestly don't see Blizzard in it's current iteration wanting to deal with that balancing act.

And even if Blizzard did it, correctly, there would still be people in each class that would manage to excel at something. Then people would start pulling logs and proclaiming that X Class was numerically superior at Y and they would be invited and others wouldn't.

The only real "solution" is for Blizzard to make each class as deep and enriching as they can, and for people to choose who they want to play with in a non-competitive environment. Yes, I'm saying it will only work in a casual play environment. It's demonstrated time and time again that when you start competing it's human nature to reach for that +.01% if that's what it takes to "win" the competition.

Maybe I'm tired after a long Monday. Maybe I'm cranky because I'm having to type this cross-ways on my old laptop because the new pc is borked. Maybe I'm irritated because I go back to the orthopedist tomorrow and my left hand feels in as much pain as it did two weeks ago before two weeks of medicine that gave me cramps and made me sick at my stomach. Maybe I'm angry about how Blizzard destroyed my class over the past two expansions. Maybe I've just become cynical about this game after all these years. Maybe I'll think some more about this later in the week.
Lackinganame 3rd May 2017, 3:46 PM edit delete reply
Your right about being competitive. I've even talked about this with my brothers over are video games becoming so competitive because they all want to be the next Esport deal that the base game is flawed.

Halo 5 is the most noted offender of this for me and I've heard that it's Esports games have even suffered because the game it's self isn't enjoyed by the players.
Maryalee 7th May 2017, 12:55 PM edit delete reply
In other news I had the nagging feeling all week that there was a song title somewhere in this page title, but the only knocking I could think of involved doors. Then the other day I was listening to Pandora and this came on:

Not an exact thematic match, but I think it captures some of the spirit of this page: hiding inside from the bad things outside.

Also, it just struck me that Arua's emotions on this page may be a flashback to:
Maryalee 1st May 2017, 7:25 PM edit delete reply
Oh, and P.S., I think it wants Arua to come out and play.
domestic goddess 2nd May 2017, 11:11 AM edit delete reply
I like the different sound effects this week. It definitely looks like Aura is more angry than scared. The stalkers are about to become the stalkees.
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