Comic 915 - Unless I find something better

24th Apr 2017, 7:04 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Unless I find something better
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Lackinganame 24th Apr 2017, 7:04 AM edit delete
Well this update covered a whole day! And Arua's mood is still standing.

Over this past week I got my Legion flying! The grind only took about two weeks or so to do so it really wasn't that bad. But in order to do this I had to try and at lest do all the broken shore daily quest everyday to make sure I was getting the rep. Had I stuck with my more normal play on the weekend it could have taken me 10 mouths or so to get flying!

This lead to my thoughts about what is the audience for WoW?

On one had you have a lot of the game systems becoming very simple. With a simple talent tree, perhaps the fewest ability in the game ever, and artifacts which you only need to decide what to go for first but you'll get everything in the end, as well as match making systems. Wow does seem to have more of a casual audience in mind. But then you throw something like a rep grind and random spawning events that do a decent job at mixing things up, but offer the most amount of benefits to those who can play everyday.

On one hand I feel like this is such a big topic that the only real way to talk about this is to brake it down by topics which I'm not going to do here right now. But locking flying behind a rep grind that is fueled by random spawning world quests have lead me to wonder if this was a misplaced gate.

Well this was a very ramble ramble this week. Cya.

(next update 5-1-17)


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JSStryker 24th Apr 2017, 7:40 AM edit delete reply
I am a "casual" and I find it highly annoying that all my professions at some point are locked behind the gate of having to run a dungeon and I know I am not the only one in game that feels that way. As for flying, meh, I have done without flying in the last two expansions and to be honest I don't miss it. You think getting flying is behind a misplaced gate, wait till they finally release the class mount in the next bit of time.
Lackinganame 25th Apr 2017, 4:00 PM edit delete reply
I will say that I've enjoyed the flying over Legion zones so far. With WoD the zones didn't feel that different to me from in the sky, it all kind of felt barren.

But with Legion each zone feels like the environment artist went crazy with trees and the land so it's been really fun to fly around and get this new perspective.
Maryalee 24th Apr 2017, 6:34 PM edit delete reply
I feel like Arua could be positive almost anywhere, even in the middle of a fight. But thinking back to the last one, not quite. I do think it's a good thing for her if she's doing it for the reason I think she is. (Hint, author?) If she's trying to accentuate the positive as a way of working through her remaining feelings of anger at Xura, it's a very good thing. The more she opens herself to the awesome miracle that everyday life is, the more she will realize the gift life is, and the easier she will find to embrace forgiveness. If you live every day with the attitude that danger and evil is around every corner, and that every encounter can lead to a fight, you begin to develop an attitude that life is a dark grind meant to be suffered through. You become VERY hardened after a short exposure to that kind of mindset.

Speaking of dark grind....

Right now I am the absolute last person you want to ask about anything Legion. I don't entertain a single positive thought about it in my mind. I believe fake artifact weapons were initially a lazy attempt by Blizzard to avoid having to design weapons that were actually interesting. I believe the endless AP grind is the worst game mechanic ever; worse than the 51-point talent trees; worse than the gear-gate in 5.0-5.1. MoP rep grinds were nothing compared to this.

Class halls are nothing more than Garrisons 2.0, and don't be surprised if we see a 3.0 slapped somehow on the next expansion. Classes working together was a joke before the expansion ever shipped and has only been proven true as the patches have fallen. Horde does their thing, Alliance does their thing; classes do nothing together outside sharing the same physical space in which they are still prohibited from interacting because FACTION BULLSHIT rules over letting players just cooperate and play together.

Legion Pathfinder is a cruel joke on everyone who just wanted flying. "Seven months" after launch is not withholding flying until players experience all of the content. It's a deliberate pound player's faces into the ground for as long as possible to see how much farther they can withhold it for the next expansion. "All the content" that shipped should have taken *no more* than 3 months to allow players flying in all released areas of Broken Isles. Then when 7.2 dropped, they could have prohibited flying initially the exact same way they did initially in Tanaan Jungle, and let players earn THAT stage when THAT CONTENT was released.

Which is all a moot point for me.

Because I will never earn Legion Pathfinder. At all. Period.

I will never earn it because I will not play any class as my main other than my Death Knights. I have leveled every class except Rogue to 100. I have 14 of them to choose from if I wanted. I don't want. I couldn't stomach leaving my Death Knights behind. And I will not play my Death Knights because Blizzard have so fucked over the class they have destroyed it. What Blizzard is calling a Death Knight now is not a Death Knight: they are, at most, mini Deaths. Spellbooks and toolkits gutted and stripped bare. So poorly equipped, so sadly ill-balanced that Blood is now officially the worst tank in the game, and most guilds WILL NOT TAKE a Blood DK in Heroic, much less Mythic raids. Look at Warcraft logs and on current Mythic kills you will see approximately 200 Guardian Druids, 95 Prot Pallys, similar Warriors...25 DKs. And Frost and Unholy are near bottom of DPS charts. Saved only by MM Hunters I believe. Now the devs are talking about major rebalancing work for...Guardians and Brewmasters. What are Blood DKs getting? The same thing we have gotten since Alpha. Not. A. Damn. Thing.

And if I *were* playing my Death Knight? I still would never earn flying. Why? Because you have to complete the Class Hall campaign as part of Pathfinder. And to complete the class hall campaign you have to finish it off with this one particular quest that is, to me at least, the most evil thing Blizzard has ever done. I don't believe you have any Death Knights, so you may not have even heard anything about it. The quest is called "The Fourth Horseman" go look it up on Wowhead. After recruiting 3 lore figures to become DK Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Bolvar gives you this final one. (And by *recruiting* I mean using the Lich King's power to resurrect/turn dead champions the same way Arthas did.) In the final quest the new Lich King tells you to go and turn/resurrect a final champion: Tirion Fordring.


To complete the DK class hall campaign, you have to take your already resurrected champions and invade Light's Hope Chapel, in the process betraying the faction that showed us mercy after the "Battle at Light's Hope Chapel" and stabbing the Silver Hand in the back; violate the tombs where the Silver Hands most honored rest; and, in final twist of the knife, attempt to desecrate the corpse of the greatest Paladin, The Light's most holy champion, in an attempt to corrupt him and turn him into the very thing he dedicated his entire life to fighting against. This fails, by the way. Tirion proves immune to being raised as a Death Knight. Or The Light prevents it, take your pick. You end up turning Darion Mograine, former leader of the Ebon Blade. After the horrible damage is done.

Do you get the feeling I am angry about this? Do you get the feeling that I feel offended that this quest even exists? To say that I am disgusted by this quest is to not even come close to how I feel. I cannot leave my moral compass at the door just to play a game. I read forum comments justifying this quest as being the "grim, dark, amoral creatures" that DKs really are. One DK player even commented "We are The Scourge" and I just shook my head in dismay. This is not my character. It's not me. Maryalee would no more betray someone like this in the game than I would in RL. I don't even have a STORY reason to play Legion.
Lackinganame 25th Apr 2017, 4:16 PM edit delete reply
I was wondering why the fourth comment took so long to show up.

Their is a growing problem I have with Legion that cared over from WoD and that is I kind of don't like how big we are getting to be. I kind of miss how we could just have our own adventures and didn't need to worry about things like managing a base or heading to this idea of being a lore figure that doesn't actually impact the lore.

as far as weapons go, seeing as how each spec has it's own weapon and each class has three specs (+1 for druid) and each weapon has 5 models now (base, max, Raid, PvP, Hidden, Challenge.) Calculate that out....

I'm getting 222 different weapon models not counting color swaps... (Hey if I wont give color swaps to Destiny or Halo 5, then I can't give it to Wow.)

Odds are I did my math wrong but if Blizzard was hoping to avoid making weapon models they chose the wrong way to do it.

But all that being said I can see where you're coming from. WoW was built on people creating their own adventure. Rather that be the highly narrative RP, or the chilling with buds casual play. Or your hard core raiders and PvPers. WoW was built on the individual adventure.

But now with weapons of lore and becoming the leaders it feels like we are being told more and more who we are.

This is honestly one the of the best reasoning I have seen for a true WoW 2.0 and that is simply, We are to big and need to go back to the simpler days.

But this is a very big subject with many different parts. Perhaps I will begin to brake it a part for rambles.
domestic goddess 25th Apr 2017, 1:46 PM edit delete reply
You've done a great job showing what type of town this is. I like the detail in the surrounding buildings and in the room where they are. It creates a sense of heaviness and emptiness which suits the story line. Our cheerful Aura creates a nice contrast to the heavy, gray city. She just can't help shining!
Ty 28th Apr 2017, 5:34 PM edit delete reply
I'm taking so long to get my Pathfinder done mostly because of the rep grind, and partly because I still need to finish the "Good Suramaritan" achievement. I haven't finished it because of Blizz's odd obsession this expansion with basically forcing everyone to run at least two Mythics to advance in the Nightfallen questline. I'm a bitter about that, because my playstyle is ultimately casual and I'll run dungeons for fun, lore, or loot. I'll skip on the anger of being forced run dungeons, especially Mythics, to progress.

Bacl to the rep grind, and what a grind it is! Because the rep gain is primarily accomplished through World Quests--which really feel like dailies now, after you complete all of the quests--I'm finding myself doing less of "playing" and more of "grinding", which is utterly frustrating when you have multiple characters with multiple professions and, of course, the WQs...It seems that all I do now when I hop on is do the World Quests, which had a friend compare me to Wowcrendor on Youtube with my complaing. XD Don't get me wrong, I love that they implemented Diablo III's system into WoW, but maybe they could have toned it down a little. Diablo doesn't have factions to grind for, after all. As for the Broken Shore's World Quests, I believe that they reset or pop back up daily!

I'm honestly fine that I've been without flying for so long. Yeah, it's frustrating that I can't zoop around, do a World Quest, and fly to the next one. It definitely takes me longer to do the Emissary Quests than I'd like to, as I'm running both mine and my fiance's mains. But I really do enjoy running through the environments that the staff worked so hard on. Seeing so many players yell and rant and hate Blizzard for not releasing flying at the first patch, and making it so hard to get, is astonishing to me! I know that I'll catch flak for saying this, but it really seems like many of the dissenters have become a bit greedy or spoiled with having flying now. Flying is wonderful, but having so many people leave the game because one feature isn't that easy to get is baffling. I find it rewarding, if extremely frustrating.

But hey, Blizz is trying to keep us active and such, and it's working. One day I'll get flying. I just need to run Mythic Court of Stars...
Lackinganame 30th Apr 2017, 4:39 PM edit delete reply
I'd say the biggest part I've enjoyed with flying in Legion has been looking at the environments from a new angle.

Vally of the Four winds is my favorite place to fly over because it looks so different from the sky.

I agree that the mythic steps for flying where a little oddly placed. I only ran those places once and it was for the flying steps. But I heard that they added them to the heroic rotation. Could that count for you?
Ty 8th May 2017, 1:03 PM edit delete reply
Yes, it the Heroic version of the dungeon worked like a charm! =D

I've run a few other Mythics before, for other quests as well, and they were oddly satisfying as well as tough. Now, going t Heroic, there's no challenge at all. It's an odd dynamic.
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