Comic 877 - Fires from the past

6th Feb 2017, 6:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Fires from the past
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Lackinganame 6th Feb 2017, 6:01 AM edit delete
Ok so this page gives me a good opportunity to talk about design for characters.
What I'm going to focus on is redesigning a already existing character as was done for Spirit of adventure.
So to start off we look at Arua, doing her redesign I wanted to keep some aspects of her. Such as she wears a jacket, shirt under the jacket, mid drift gap, Pants. We also see some stuff with her hair carry over. The veins in the front are still there, Her hair is "fluffy", and her eyes maintain their shape. By doing this it helped the new Arua still feel like the old Arua.
Now there were some changes done as well. Her jacket was extended and colored red This was done to make her seem more "powerful" as if she has aged and grown doing the time gap. Her hair is also no longer kept in a pony tail, making her look older. Light armor was added to her right arm and shoulders to make her look more like a fighter but kept light so she also looked like a traveler. The combination of boots and shorts where to change up how her legs looked from her old design. A necklace was added to help "pretty" her up a little with a blue color to offset the red and pay respects to her old color.
Now I made mention to the mid drift gap. This was done and the slit in the jacket ran really high up so we could see her tattoo. This tattoo has kind of become her symbol, and even though we don't see it a lot. Knowing that it is visible goes a long way to helping us feel this is Arua.
The tattoo problem actually first came up when I was redesigning Cer'veja. His first redesign had him wearing leather armor with metal plating on it. He wore this because unlike Arua he is far more venerable to attacks. However the arms where covered and we couldn't see his tattoo anymore. His tattoo has also very much become his symbol and by hiding it, he no longer looked like Cer'veja.
Some things that were kept with Cer'veja where his sleeveless arms. His vest was replaced with a hoodie with a low cut that exposed his torso much like his old vest did. And of course he kept his bandana.
Some changes that where made with Cer'veja where how he carried his swords and guns. He doesn't have the power to make weapons form light so he needs to carry his weapons. He was given a hood so that when he is sneaking it helps "hide" him but to also visually let us know he is sneaking. The scar was lost because it was getting in the way of making face expressions and instead was replaced with a beard to make him look older and add more to his face. Most of Cer'veja's colors where lightened to help make the line work easier to see on him.
Now there have been times when they wore something different that covered the tattoos or where not the normal style well these times worked good for the story I did have a hard time feeling like these where the same characters. Cer'veja really struggled in the Eternal Guest story because of the loss of his tattoo. Arua's uniform in Exaltation also had the same impact but I didn't know it at the time. Now well I do really enjoy these stories and think the bathrobe and the armor looked good. It still did bring its own problems.

Now why does Arua have a bikini? Mostly for the tattoo. A onesy would have covered it and we already talked about that. So why not a tankini? I forgot about that, I don't have a catalog of swimsuits in my brain!


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d 6th Feb 2017, 8:59 AM edit delete reply
You have put a lot of thought into these characters and how their personal growth is reflected in their outward look. I like that you think about colors and what they can represent. The bathrobe look was fun and helped convey the feeling that they were relaxing, not necessarily working. And Arua's armor as a guard did a lot to emphasize how uncomfortable she was guarding her own portrait. So I think your changes in wardrobe do a lot to help tell the story without words.
Maryalee 6th Feb 2017, 4:25 PM edit delete reply
Always interesting to see inside the mind of the creator, and how the development process developed. Would that a certain game developer be so forthcoming.

Now I am afraid that Arua's dream was not completely a dream, and I'm wondering who it was that rescued her from the rest of the raiders I saw galloping around in the background. I kinda understand Panel 3, with Arua still believing Xura is an evil threat.
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