Comic 861 - No home for Trolls

26th Dec 2016, 6:03 AM in Spirit of Adventure
No home for Trolls
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Lackinganame 26th Dec 2016, 6:03 AM edit delete
Ok so before I get to Rouge one thanks for reading and have a good week and hope to see you next year!

(Next update 1-2-17)


Ok Rouge one!

Well at first I didn't like it.The ending to me felt butches and I mean like the last 2 minuets where all kind of thrown together feeling. And the start of the move after when Jyn was a kid and before she gets rescued felt kind of strangely cobbled, but not really bad. I'm just wondering why she shared a cell with Cthulhu.

Next I also felt like the story had an idea but spent way to long getting to it with the whole Sul and things going on. I also can't remember any of the crews name aside from Jyn. I liked the heavy gunner wish we got to see more of that gun.

But at the end of this week after thinking about it I've come to decided it's not the worst movie I've ever seen.

I liked it better then Episode seven because it actually tried to be unique. I really liked Vader in the Hallway at the end of the movie. His fighting felt powerful and heavy, a very dominating style which I felt fit him very well. Also the deaths of the crew being for the most part very abrupt brought a good feeling of how giving your life for a cause is just that. No grandeur and it's quick.

I suppose my biggest hang up is that it just doesn't feel tight. Takes to long for characters to get together and They feel like a role in the crew and not a person. Maybe a longer run time might have been good, a way to get to know these people and for them to spend more time together.

I suppose I've grown accustom to Marvels style of movies with very little time being spent on setting up a situation and more time in the mess of things.

So well I no long thing it's a horrible movie this is not the Starwars I was looking for.


The black storm troopers look to skinny, can't see the detail on their armor and someone get some glue for the crotch part of that armor because they look way to happy to be killing you!

A tie fighter with a single wing on the top. Now you can tell me all about the in atmosphere physics of the tie fighter but because this is 3.5 I know the real reason why for the change! Because the empire wanted to sell new toys!

The CGI actors didn't bother me, at first I thought they where just look alike so good job at lest on making good CGI people.

Have a good week!

(Next update 1-2-17)


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Maryalee 26th Dec 2016, 11:17 AM edit delete reply
And he didn't even tell her the part about being raised by the brother that got murdered which left him all on his own, and his guilt over not being there for him. That would have been really sad.

She offering him a home? Sounds like on first reading. She does like him. Wonder how she would feel about a life a little more exciting and meaningful than fixing things? Still lobbying.

R1: rebellions are messy, and war is really messy. Way more time is spent planning and strategizing than the fight usually takes. Jyn was not committed to the rebellion so it took a swath of movie with her experiencing different aspects of the plight of those threatened.

I also give them props for not sanitizing the ending. People died. People you were cheering for died. The ultimate heroes, who risked everything, died. The soldiers on the ship at the end were brave, but they died, horribly and abruptly as you stated. The only happy part about the end was that the rebels did get away with the plans, and now the beginning of A New Hope makes a LOT more sense as we know exactly what led up to that moment. Even the Death Star makes "more" sense, even as it remains the dumbest, least economically/strategically viable weapon in scifi history.

Thank you so much for the beautiful stories you have given us this past year. Thank you for the great stories you will give us in the coming year. Happy New Year Lacking!
Ty 29th Dec 2016, 5:15 PM edit delete reply
Ah no, I reached the end of the archive! Now I'm a fool who must wait!

I'd just like to say that your storytelling is wonderful, the characters are nicely fleshed out, the art has made beautiful progress over the years. There really aren't any loose-ends that I can tell, except maybe from the very beginning.

Why did Arua take the bag that Cer'veja dropped even though it wasn't hers, and where the heck did Cer'veja get the magical Light sphere anyway? Maybe she was just too tired to realize that the bag wasn't hers, and the origins of the orb weren't as important as her becoming the Archon? (For some reason, with the number of seals, I thought that there would be more Archons like her, but that was just a train of thought) Also, Brewer: How in the heck did he know all of that stuff about the Archon, the seals, and the big bad guy? I always thought that there was something up with him and his willingness to help Arua and Cer'veja...

((And for Rogue One, which I just saw)):
Personally, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would! I read the novel set before the events, Rogue One: Catalyst, so I already knew some backstory and the events leading up to it from the start. If Galen, Krennic, and/or Lyra seemed a bit shallow in the way of development, the book is definitely something you should pick up! I loved the dynamic between Krennic and Tarkin (their rivalry is nicely done, in novel and movie), thought that Saw deserved more screen-time, and that Chirrut and Baze's relationship could have been mentioned maybe a little. I also enjoyed that Jyn and Cassian weren't shoved together in a romance, and that it was only hinted that it could have been possible.

Sorry for such a long first comment! I've really enjoyed Gratz, though!
Maryalee 30th Dec 2016, 7:29 AM edit delete reply
New Reader! Here, have some cookies. See that "VOTE" button at the bottom of the page? Please click it once a day. It took a lot of effort to find that code for Lacking.

I inferred Arua picked up the bag because The Light (in the guise of Father Mulcahey) *told* her not to forget her bag. I.E., The Light wanted the orb to be hers from the beginning. Brewer would later tell her that in times of great difficulty, The Light would choose "A" champion, implying there would never be more than one.

As for Brewer's knowledge, it's never explicitly acknowledged, but I like to think he was more than just a bartender in his life. With his knowledge of the world, and his combat skills, I like to think he was some sort of Shaman or just an adventurer himself in his youth. Tending bar is an apropos retirement for a dwarf, ne?
Ty 2nd Jan 2017, 4:18 PM edit delete reply
I accept your cookies an offer hot chocolate in return!

I hadn't thought of that priest guy as being the Light embodied! It definitely makes sense that it would take charge of events and speed up the appearance of its champion. I'm not sure why I thought there would be more champions, but again, I linked it with the number of seals.

Brewer was amazing! It just bothered me a little that a kindly bartender knew everything that he did and neither Arua or Cer'veja thought to ask him why.
Lackinganame 30th Dec 2016, 9:17 AM edit delete reply
Welcome to Gratz!

I enjoy long comments, gives me something to read before I start that day's drawings. (Tho I got nothing against short comments, some people are just folks of few words.)

You are right about the orb stuff from Solace. The original plan was that Cer'veja was paid by the bad guys to steal it for them. But over time the bad guys shifted more into people that did their own dirty work. Like wise Cer'veja shifted more away form a carrier criminal and more of a street rat who did what he wanted. In the end the connection between the two of them grew apart so much that I just never tried to fill that connection and instead spent more time connecting Arua and Cer'veja.

Brewer also went through some changes. When I first started Solace working on paper before Gratz was ever published. Brewer was a retired priest called "Reverent". Who gave a weekly sermon about free beer. This was dropped later as I felt it was maybe a little to inappropriate to make a beer swinging, party throwing man of god. As such Brewer was change and his back story was never created because I wanted to put more attention on Arua.

Magical Light sphere, never had a good reason for it "physical existence" aside that is was a plot device that allowed us to see Arua before she was the Archon and her reaction to after she change. Because really, you can stop the Light by stealing a baseball?

The many seals where also an early idea to try and create unique adventures. Kind of like the water temple, fire temple, earth temple and so on. The idea was to allow for more fight between the Heroes and the bad guys. But this ran into some problems. The Temple idea gave notion that these seals where better known and not quite as hidden in obscurity. Next the temple fights felt like the "flavor of the adventure" and also would have strung the story out much longer. It also felt strange that The bad guys and heroes wouldn't kill each other and the find ways to split them up was quickly going to be contrived.

In the end Solace was my first attempt and making more of a novel like story. As such it went through growing pains like the unresolved connections and the bad guys being to hands on. It also suffered from needing to establish Arua becoming the Archon. I think almost half that book is spent establishing that before we actually switch to going after the seals. Much of Absolution was a refinement of novel work which is why we saw one main villain, Hench men, and a single objective.

I still enjoy Solace and I'm glad that you enjoyed it as well. Sorry about the long comment and any spelling or grammar errors but,

Welcome to Gratz!
Ty 2nd Jan 2017, 4:20 PM edit delete reply
Ah, such a warm welcome! Thank you for writing it, an thanks for clearing up a few things!

I appreciate go storytelling, but it's often the little details that get stuck in my mind and refuse to budge.
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