Comic 853 - Somethings do not go boom

5th Dec 2016, 6:03 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Somethings do not go boom
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Lackinganame 5th Dec 2016, 6:03 AM edit delete
And that's it for this week!

Over the brake I talked with a old friend about Wow some. One of the things we talked about was how at some point in the story depended on what side you play as can lead to a "who attacked who?" Well I understand the reason for this is simply because being the bad guy isn't always fun in a game. It does lead me to wonder about other times how much more of a emotional impact it can have when you are the bad guy.

For example, would the Death Knight start feel like you where a servant of the Lich king if you didn't have a quest to kill fleeing villagers? Now well this is only a small part and you do start to attack the scarlet crusade, a force that has always been a foe to players. It does help create more of a mood.

Or what about the Horde Theramal scenario? Horde players actively helped kill Alliance command, save a agent, and blow up Theramal. Did you like your action or hate them?

I guess point being is well being the "hero" normally makes most people feel good and that can help a product sell. There is some value in creating a story that leads a person to question their action and registered on more of a emotional level.

My over all thought on the matter is that both are needed. Sometimes I just want to play a game, However there are times when I want to be intrigued. And as far as story is concerned, keeping it all in continuity should always be done. If you want to create a mixed view you can do that but keep events in a absolute.

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JSStryker 5th Dec 2016, 7:54 AM edit delete reply
I've always hated the quests where I end up being a patsie for some bad guy.
Maryalee 5th Dec 2016, 3:55 PM edit delete reply
I'll just bet you want to show him some marvels, Tirea.

Not that I would be, opposed...*cough*

*Ahem* SOME of it actually works? Madam, you wound.
Maryalee 6th Dec 2016, 10:10 AM edit delete reply
Blizzard: "Without the faction rivalry there wouldn't be a game!"

Players: "Can we just play with our friends?"

I get the rivalry thing, it is just the least appealing part of the game to me. I play heroes, not pawns for some genocidal king/warchief. I follow orders, but in my own way according to my own morality. You can ask me to establish a beachhead/build a fortress. You can't ask me to run into Ashran and kill a bunch of enemy just because.

Theramore irritated me: rescue a Horde prisoner I could see, and subsequent run-throughs learned how to avoid most of the Alliance and minimize casualties. Learning the "prisoner" was responsible for the mana bomb that blew up the settlement was bitter, and also on subsequent run-throughs I made sure to be the one to pick up the key so I could initially refuse to release him. Would have preferred an ending where I got to walk away and leave him there, but noooo. Playing through Alliance and dealing with Jaina's outrage was more bitter. Also expensive, as I had to spend a lot of gold on gear to reach the required iLevel for WorgKnight to qualify.

Even with the "faction filter", most recently on display during the Broken Isles invasion, the game is pretty much black and white, with precious little gray. It's much too late to introduce any kind of multi-choice such as SW:TOR, but I'm one of the players who wishes there was a mechanism to escape the treadmill every now and then.

But first they have to fix the mess they made of the classes.
Trigonometry 11th Dec 2016, 1:57 PM edit delete reply
Lackinganame, it's time we had the TALK. You do wonderful work but you repeatedly make the same grammatical errors. If you fix this you're comic will be better!


1. a device for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle, typically by applying pressure to the wheels:
"he slammed on his brakes"

2. a thing that slows or hinders a process:
"managers have a duty to put the brakes on growth when it is unsustainable"


1. To cause to separate into pieces suddenly or violently; smash.
2. To divide into pieces, as by bending or cutting:
3. To separate into components or parts:
4.To snap off or detach:

When you are on a roll, it's easy for errors to creep in. That's why it's a good idea to either have someone double check your work or put it aside and proofread it later.

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