Comic 825 - Slip and fell

26th Sep 2016, 7:02 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Slip and fell
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Lackinganame 25th Sep 2016, 7:02 AM edit delete
The reviews continue.

Naruto :
I hear about this when I was a kid in school, a class mate even try to convince me that Naruto was the scariest thing ever when foxing out. I laughed it off because come on it's a cartoon. Well years later I watched it and was I in for a surprise.
Naruto is a orphan kid who had a powerful fox spirit sealed inside of him at the time of his birth this fox spirit goes by the title "nine tails". A goof of a kid Naruto dreams of becoming the best ninja in the world and leader of his village one day. The show can easily be carved up into two parts. "Naruto" Which takes place when he and his friends are young and just starting off. and "Naruto Shippuden" A few years later after Naruto and his friends have grown up. Set in team seven bla bla bla this show takes more time to explain then I care to.
My thoughts! This show is long!! Like 300+ episodes and I think it's still going. It has a large cast of characters many of them very very fun. One of the funniest episodes from the first half is Naruto and his friends trying to see his teachers face. (who always wears a mask.) At the end of the episode after many failed attempts they just ask what he has under his mask. So he takes it off and shows them saying "It's another mask, cool right?"
As the show goes on there are many battles and at times really far out animations. One of the best battles for me was Naruto vs Pain. The animation in that goes a little trippy with its stretching at times but you really get a feel for the speed and strength going on in the battle. This show dose not back off when it comes to fights. Blood and killing it won't shy away that conflict can be very nasty.
What really stands out for me is the support cast. They each feel very unique and fit very well in the picture of things. In fact my favorite Naruto characters are Kakashi (Naruto's teacher and mask fanatic.) What I like about Kakashi so much is how calm he can be. You get the feeling that he knows how powerful he is and he feels no need to show off. It is also with Kakashi we get some of the best jokes a fair amount of them in between him and his rival. My second favorite is Shikamaru Unlike most of the cast he wins his battles by out smarting his foes. He also goes through the most change as the show goes on. Starting off as a lazy slacker he becomes a leader with masterful battle plans and is perhaps the only guy to kill a big baddie mostly on his own. He also grows up the fastest and even teaches Naruto that they can't stay young forever and that soon it will be their turn to lead and teach the next generation.
However there are a few problems with it. Sometimes the show gets a little filler heavy. Well at times these fillers can be fun, other times they can be very boring. Depending on how many fillers in a seems to effect how good each filler is. It also suffers from power creep. It often feels like to overcome a stronger opponent they rely on simple a more powerful ability. This kind of irks me because I feel like if you are always having a bigger better something then I wonder why don't you just use that more often? There are times however when they do rightfully use a bigger gun and other times where they outsmart the bad guy but the power creep dose rear its ugly head quite a few times.
But all that said if you want a fun show this isn't a bad one. However well the first few episodes are good for setting everything up. Feel free to skip past the bridge builder arc and go right to the start of the exams arcs. It is at this point in the show that many of the supporting cast is brought in and you get a better title sequence.


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Maryalee 26th Sep 2016, 3:30 PM edit delete reply
"Some ting be goin' on mon."

"My inn is haunted by all the people we made meat pies from!"

Wait...that's a completely different movie.

New class-hall mission: "Purge Amber Inn." I don't think she's going to get much relic power.
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