Comic 818 - Stronger then one thought

5th Sep 2016, 7:02 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Stronger then one thought
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Lackinganame 5th Sep 2016, 7:02 AM edit delete
So Legion. I've like it a lot! By far my favoret zones where Highmountain and Stormhelm. The environments around them felt really fun and kind of cozy actually. I grew up in the North ok, snow and mountains are reminders of home for me.

The other two zones which I'm to lazy to look up right now weren't bad by any means, just not my thing. I'm not really into the elf stuff so much which leaves Surmar. So far it's been good to me. takes a bit to learn how to find ones way around there but after that it's kind of easy actually. The story of building a base has been very fun and reminds me a bit of Firelands.

I've done a few dungons and they have been good to. Bosses have a lot more to avoid so they feel a bit more like a skill battle rather then a gear check.

Max level gets you Surmar zone which I talked a little bit about but how about max level as a whole? Well I feel like I got a thousand and one things to do. Which isn't bad at all.

Over all Legion has been good so far, what I think will help keep it good will be if content can continue to roll out and max level players will continue to have things to work for. So far with 7.1 already announced it looks like it might work but we'll see.

I do have to give Blizzard credit for realizing that faster expansion cycles just weren't possible and had a negative impact on the current expansion. They have had a goal for a long time of avoiding content drought, and well the original plan to try and fix this didn't work out it is a hard but good thing to own up to when something didn't work and be willing to try something new.

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Maryalee 5th Sep 2016, 9:26 AM edit delete reply
That is some killer rum....

Yah, "Sumptin be goin' on mon" indeed.

Still feel exhausted and have to go back to work tomorrow. *sigh*
domestic goddess 12th Sep 2016, 5:17 PM edit delete reply
I did notice the obvious ghost the first time I read it, but would like to compliment you on making it look transparent and even if it's not fully formed the "tap" completes the picture.
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