Comic 765 - Grave side

9th May 2016, 7:03 AM in Exaltation
Grave side
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Lackinganame 9th May 2016, 7:03 AM edit delete
Leave a comment for Brewer. Or have a moment of silence.

My thoughts this week are a little bit shorter. I've referenced Accessibility vs difficulty twice now so I better talk about it.

I started playing doing the Burning Crusade era. How ever the first raid I ever saw on a regal basis was mogu'shan vaults. (ya I was on my mission for Dragon Soul.) Up to that point I had hardily seen the inside of any raids. So what dose this mean? Well LFR gave me the chance to see this content that Blizzard had work so hard to make and that so many main bad guys where attached to. What LFR did was make this accessible to the casual player and this is a good thing.

So what went wrong in WoD. The gear you could get from LFR was to good. World content was to easy so the few times a mission took us out into the world it hardily proved a challenge for us.

Well you still need to group with friends and work hard to beat that hardest bosses in the game and get the best gear. It was trivial to world content just because the world was scaled to low at launch. If they where to up the world difficulty and make finding group content more rewarding then I think it would go along way to driving people to find groups and be social in WoW.

I guess we will see how Legion dose soon enough!

What are your thoughts!

(I'm running off five hours of sleep right now so sorry if my thoughts sound a little mixed around this week.)

(next update 5-16-16)


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domestic goddess 9th May 2016, 9:45 AM edit delete reply
I'll raise my Coke 0 in a toast to Brewer, the salt of the earth! If only there were more like him, the behind the scenes hero!
Maryalee 9th May 2016, 9:49 AM edit delete reply
Brewer's loss is going to leave a big hole in Arua. I only hope the mission keeps driving her, and not revenge.

What went wrong in WoD was a group of lazy developers over-promising what they could deliver and substituting their wants and expectations for the player's wants and expectations. What they're doing now in Legion is substituting their backward-looking, non-canonical "Class Fantasy" in place of proven, workable, class mechanics that players enjoyed. I'm not even looking at Legion unless this approach reverses.
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