Comic 709 - Questionable people

28th Dec 2015, 6:02 AM in Exaltation
Questionable people
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Lackinganame 28th Dec 2015, 6:02 AM edit delete
I don't think this stranger guy offers health insurance plans...


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Maryalee 28th Dec 2015, 7:04 PM edit delete reply
Blue Cross wouldn't do much for that kind of ailment. And I'm again disappointed that Arua won't get to fight #2 guy. Then again, she get's his minion and that's worse.

Frontman #1 reminds me a bit of Peter Cushing from New Hope, without any of the charisma. Minion-Arua is obviously a bit more intelligent than your average minion. And interesting that her first instinct, well after killing her master, was to grab the closest article of clothing to avoid being as...flashy. Makes one wonder how much of Arua's nature is simmering below the surface.
Lackinganame 30th Dec 2015, 4:07 PM edit delete reply
Ya bad guy number two ended up being a kind of a throw away. When I started Solace I had planned to do a 4 book story. But when I started to do the outline of Absolution I found that book two and three where uninteresting on their own so I combined them to make a far more interesting story.

Because nobody asked but a few are wondering what was the lost stories?

Well both books where the setting and background of our new dark Arua here. (she is named in the next page.) The original plan was on the island Arua would have part of her soul drained by bad guy #2 then in book three Nixie would steal that soul stone from Arua and fuse it with energy that our Frontman #1 would use to create dark Arua. (you follow all that?)

In short the idea I still like but to pull it off across two books was a little boring. I didn't even have a reason for Nixie to cause trouble in the third book aside from stealing the stone but that's about it. I suppose if I was really set on that plan I could have made it work but I'm not regretting the story I ended up going with. I think it flows better and we got to have way more fun with Nixie rather then some old dude.

So well bad guy #2 got thrown out it was to make room for far more interesting and fun people. At lest that's the idea.

(if anyone wants to know more please ask because this reply is getting to long.)
Maryalee 30th Dec 2015, 7:48 PM edit delete reply
I think you made the right choice, because Absolution was a wonderful story, and the pacing was more brisk than if you had tried to string the content out over a longer period.

Just tell me you're still going to do another book with Arua. *blink* Maybe go back and take a look at the where the old gang is now, then another book with Arua. *blink* Do I need to ask for more Arua?

I don't want you to get bored with her character at all, understand. I just really like her & the chemistry the two of them bring.
Lackinganame 31st Dec 2015, 11:54 AM edit delete reply
I'm toying around with a few idea right now, As it stands I am in a bit of a slump because I am honestly having a hard time picking what I want to do next.

But I might have a year or so before I need to decide.

Ya this story just started and it's going to be a ride!
Maryalee 31st Dec 2015, 7:37 PM edit delete reply
If you want to bounce some ideas let me know. And Happy New Year!
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