Comic 680 - Escape fail try again

26th Oct 2015, 7:03 AM in Absolution
Escape fail try again
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Lackinganame 26th Oct 2015, 7:03 AM edit delete
Well that was fun. Sorry if I'm keeping things short this week but I got a lot to do right now!

Why you ask?

Because Halo 5 is coming out tonight and I'm bing playing!! I'll let ya all know my thoughts next week.

Oh and have a safe Halloween.

AND before I forget here is step 3 in the drawing guide Videos!

(next update 11-2-15)


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JSStryker 26th Oct 2015, 8:22 AM edit delete reply
Cer'veja I think you're be the kissed alright Arua is gonna land a fist right on your kisser!
Lackinganame 30th Oct 2015, 3:18 PM edit delete reply
One to the kisser with a swift kick to the butt!

Veja is in for a long day.
Maryalee 26th Oct 2015, 6:54 PM edit delete reply
Veja never met a tender moment he couldn't spoil.

And again you got the face perfect in panel 3.

I last had a go at Halo 3. I sucked at multi-play.
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