Comic 652 - Fire from heaven

24th Aug 2015, 7:01 AM in Absolution
Fire from heaven
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Lackinganame 24th Aug 2015, 7:01 AM edit delete
This is one of those pages that kept getting longer and longer as I worked on it. So thankful it was able to be kept in a controlled manner.

Or at lest as controlled as one can get with heavenly fire.


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Maryalee 24th Aug 2015, 6:18 PM edit delete reply
Can I get a poster of Arua, from that last panel? A nice wall size one? Cause I think you just created the most captivating image in the entire arc. She looks so powerful and so beautiful in that pose.

"Fire on the mountain, lightning in the air...."
Lackinganame 24th Aug 2015, 6:28 PM edit delete reply
I have actually been thinking about making shirts and posters as well as some other stuff.

Kind of held up tho by copy right concerns and the likes.

However if you where to copy paste the page and crop out the image you can take it to Sam's club and heave the image enlarged to the size of a poster. (There might be other places to do that to I imagine.)
Maryalee 24th Aug 2015, 8:37 PM edit delete reply
Think about it: with original Gratz you had a pretty WoW recognizable world. Beginning with Solace, you've wandered into a quasi original space. Yes, Tauren and Trolls and Dwarves and Dranei are all part of WoW lore. But Minotaurs, and Trolls and Dwarves...well, they have occupied fantasy tropes long before there was a Warcraft. Some would look at Arua and see a Tauren paladin...false. There is no character in the game that can do what she does, the way she does it. Nor can call themselves an Archon and command the power she does. Her like doesn't exist in WoW. The case could be made that she represents an archetype outside of WoW.

Unfortunately that case would probably end up being made by an attorney at a very large price.

And I don't really want you to go to jail. Though Jinx, and this person; and this person; and of course, THIS person, all have found a way to sell WoW-related items, so you would think they were doing it on the legal upside. Now, one of these people, at least, obviously has a licensing agreement with the company in question. The others? You would need to converse with them I suppose.

And if I were to enlarge that one panel the resolution would just go to Fel and it would look as awful and grainy as Gul'dan's nose. Which, I'm willing to bet, is not the grainiest part of him.
Thisisnotmyname 3rd Jan 2016, 12:40 PM edit delete reply
Nice He-man pose last panel!
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