Comic 629 - Even the blind can see

22nd Jun 2015, 7:02 AM in Absolution
Even the blind can see
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Lackinganame 22nd Jun 2015, 7:02 AM edit delete
Sorry but I got called in twice this week for work so the update got short changed again.

However I would like to know what everyone's plans are for 6.2!! Me I'm thinking of doing all the story quests and getting into the flow of the new zone before I hit the new raid. I do plan to try group find raid more this patch then I did the last one.

So what are your plans?

(next update 6-29-15)


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Maryalee 22nd Jun 2015, 5:09 PM edit delete reply
That look on Arua's face in panels 1 & 3 is a perfect mashup of fear and disgust. Feargust. I'm loath to even mention that her muzzle looks off...darn....

Hey, Vega, here's a question...if it's blind, how did it manage to kill everyone in the first place? Think it has a nose? Wait, maybe it can HEAR things.

It's interesting to see Arua's development here. She killed a powerful Death Knight. Killed a super-powerful rampaging giant monster; but, she's still getting used to the concept that she's a hero, and she's too humble and modest to believe she should just wield that tremendous power at will in any but the most extreme of circumstances. This is part of what I meant when I said I saw potential in her. She could be the greatest super hero her world has ever seen...but they may never actually "see" that, and she is 100% fine with that. She will never be a Batman or a Flash; she simply doesn't have that ego. She wants to do what is right, save innocent people, and then she is content to go back to her day job. I need to stop talking or I'm going to develop a crush on her.

I don't have grandiose plans for 6.2. My plans consist of: earn flight; do things that are necessary to earn flight; complete the reputations that are necessary to earn flight. My computer's not good enough to raid, I'm not in a raiding guild, I probably won't even complete the legendary this expansion after completing 5 cloaks last expansion. Just flight and I will be happy.
Lackinganame 22nd Jun 2015, 6:08 PM edit delete reply
Thanks for the feed back on the muzzle, I've been trying a few new things so it's good to be told when I let something slip.

5 cloaks!! Ya you need sometime off. Fly somewhere nice and get a tan.
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