Comic 615 - Dreams of the past

18th May 2015, 7:02 AM in Absolution
Dreams of the past
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Lackinganame 18th May 2015, 7:02 AM edit delete
I'm sure the old guy means well, but it still hurts to be reminded of a old dream.


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Maryalee 18th May 2015, 5:49 PM edit delete reply
Want to kiss the tears away.

It's strange...seeing Arua ...working. She mentioned having savings in the previous panels, and it makes sense she would have a job. ...But we saw her for all intents and purposes save the world. Now she works, for a meager living, for the people she saved. Irony. But then again, Arua is so humble I wouldn't expect her to take handouts, or tribute.
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