Comic 451 - A twist

5th May 2014, 7:03 AM in Gratz Adventure
A twist
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Lackinganame 5th May 2014, 7:03 AM edit delete
Yep as soon as Gorak comes he goes but he will be back!

Now welcome to the first ever Gratz Q&A!! So let's get to the questions.


Q : "What is your favorite Gratz panel (scene) and why?"

A: My favorite is what I draw next, I really enjoy drawing Gratz. It's surprise around the corner I so adore and I enjoy pushing myself to see how much better I can become. I really love seeing the story get out of my head and on to the page. (tho some times it looked better in my head.)

But I think what you really want to know is what have I done I have enjoyed the most. Gosh this really is a hard one. There are so many contenders. But I think I like the end of Transition the best. It was the first book to be published as I was creating it with the weekly updates. I really liked the feedback I got doing those last pages and to know that everything that came before it was well received.

domestic goddess:

Q: "Will Red and Green ever get some girls?"

A: Maybe, it's been something I have been considering because it could add more dynamic to the story. However will it be adding the dynamics that the story needs. It is a frustrating question because it could be used to help move Red and Green along but at the same time with so much of the romance being tied into Starfire and Vancore I wonder if the story needs more or less romance sometimes.

fall count 40:

Q: "Is Gorak coming back?"

A: I plan to bring him back more then what I have done this week. I know how I would like him to come back more but the opportunity to do just hasn't presented its self yet.

Those are all that have been asked so far. However if you have a question now go head and ask and I will answer in the comment section.

(Next update 5-12-14)


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JSStryker 5th May 2014, 7:10 AM edit delete reply
And now the fun and games begins!
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