Comic 373 - Broken

11th Nov 2013, 6:03 AM in Gratz Transition
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Lackinganame 11th Nov 2013, 6:03 AM edit delete
All right let me know how the color deal worked for ya!


Ok so now we know the next expansion is Warlords of Draenor and that there is a carp ton of new stuff here are my thoughts on the mater.

New Models: HECK YA!! After seeing what they did with what they showed I'm fairly confident in saying I wont be wanting my old model back ever! I hope there able to finish up all the models so they can launch with them all ready rather then slowly rolling them out.

Level 100: YAA!! I really wanted a 10 level expansion, I just feel like it allows for more "experience" and content with 10 levels rather then a new race or class.

Raid changes: I'm pumped for this one, Its good to see that the Flex tech is being wide spread. The cool thing about this is when your "done" with LFR you can more easily hop into a higher set of raiding. The best think I like about this is there bring out the old raid finder system and improving it, so NO MORE OPENQUE!! (I'm not a fan of addons, took me years to yield to vent.)

New PvP changes: Again YAAAA!! Wotlk and Cata I had a PvP career but dropped it in MoP because it felt like a game of who had the fewer farmers. But well the new ranking system not being based on kills alone all of us who try to cap the flag will get to see that were really helping more win the BG. I also like the trial of the gladiator idea. No more needing to lose so you can quit fighting players with better gear then you.

Item changes: YAAA!! Having a friend who just hit 90 it feels silly to tell him, "You need hit so you can kill stuff now." Also I'm looking foreword to seeing all the new perks on the gear. Only bad thing is now I need to compete against every same armor wearer for drops! But hey its been years sense I've had to do that.

The other stuff and Blizz con was awesome as well! Methods did awesome in the live raid event so well done there. (Way to represent!) Also the team I cheered for Skill-Caps well done in the arena!

My Starcraft player did Ok but didn't win, (I was cheering for Polt) But all the same those games where fun to watch.

The talent show? I voted for Space Bards. yes there was only two of them, yes they used a drum machine and distorter but over all I felt like they had the best mixing and most energy out of all the bands. There lyrics were not that bad ether.

Last but not lest and probably the biggest news here! WOW EH IS BACK!! That is right Kelly is back from recovery and is in the game again! Her work with Wow Eh is what inspired me to do Gratz way back in the day. I was sad to see her go as she has one of best gag of the day styles and her art work is amazing. besides she draws Taurens how many comics do that! Anyways if you don't know her work go check it out! And drop a welcome back for her she deserving it.

(copy and past this)

Next update: 11-18-13


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GoldenBlue 11th Nov 2013, 7:38 AM edit delete reply
Keep up the good work as usual, Lacking. I also watched BlizzCon on the virtual ticket. Gonna catch up on the sessions I missed via On-Demand replays this week. Always stoked for WoW after a BlizzCon!
JSStryker 11th Nov 2013, 2:32 PM edit delete reply
Comic is looking great, the background panels looked good made a good contrast for what was happening in the foreground. All in all another good round for you!

Blizzcon looked great as usual, I'm stoked for WoD. The new character models are what impressed me the most, garrisons are OK, personally I would have preferred guild housing rather than individual but that's me. The followers thing is interesting but I want to see how it actually works before commenting. Draenor as it was looks really cool. All in all I'd rate the info for WoW as a solid 9/10!

Great that Wow Eh is back, now if Nhani at Beyond the Tree would return I'd be a really happy camper.
Nine 11th Nov 2013, 4:03 PM edit delete reply
I think the colors gave a nice contrast. Plus they're easier than drawing the same background over and over.

Yah! Blizzcon!
testcase 147 11th Nov 2013, 6:41 PM edit delete reply
I like the colors. They remind me of Batman!

As fir Blizzcon. When my kids were younger I would tease them about becoming professional video game players with sponsors on their shirts and playing games on the jumbotron. yup, it's here. I never thought I would hear people chant JeDong! JeDong!
Maryalee 11th May 2015, 6:02 PM edit delete reply
I remember being so excited for this expansion.

And then I experienced it.

Imagine Van getting to marry Star...10 years from now. That doesn't come close to my disappointment.
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