Comic 241 - Silent

31st Dec 2012, 6:02 AM in Gratz Transition
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Lackinganame 31st Dec 2012, 6:02 AM edit delete
Ok this is the last of 2 pages this week kinda of a small meal this time around.

I'm not doing a new years page so you wont be seeing a back to back holiday pictures.

How ever I will share some new years goals that are Gratz based. (what ever is in these () thingies is a ramble so feel free to skip them if you want.


1:Improve art style.( if you've been following you know I have a coloring issue and the colors aren't always picked up by the scanner so the pages never look as good as i want them to when I publish them.)

2.Improve sight. (I normal do more then one page a week so i need to change it up a bit so that the first page you see when you come here is not the end page of the week thus ruining the whole reading enjoyment by telling you the end before you've even started.)

3:Raise popularity.(Ok all i really have to do this is by spouting out the web address in CRZ areas in wow. not the best way mind you so if anyone knows some better way please do tell. wow.stiq what helped out a lot.)

4.Get reader feed back.(leave comments most of the reason why I wright is to see peoples reactions. So feel free to leave a comment.)

and that's about all the goals I can think in with goals.

intresting note. iv done 18 pages so far with Gratz Transition. if i were to release a page a week, it would take 4 and a half months to even reach up to where were at now. and were not even finished with the first part of book 2 yet! so lets do some math here.

Neal Pert drum set + Stuffed wind rider + Honda - Yamaha

what this formula tells us is that if I where to release 1 page a week it would take an estimated 3 years to finish book 2!

that's a long time and I don't want to wait that long! so i'll still be trying to do more then 1 page a week.

and don't think I'm trying to hurry through this and finish. Because I'm not. after all we still have book 3 and i got 3 other stories i can do even after that!

So sit back and relax this year! you got WOW comics for your entertainment ALL THIS YEAR!

(next up date 1-7-2013)


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Toughcat117 1st Jan 2013, 12:33 PM edit delete reply
I like it, the goals, I mean. I'll hold my end of the bargain and post my thoughts when I can. Happy new years and as always I'm anxious to see what you come up with next week!
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