Comic 1708 - A want to do good

12th Aug 2022, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
A want to do good
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Lackinganame 12th Aug 2022, 7:01 AM edit delete
Talking heads continue and I ask myself "Well, how did I get here?"

Hopefully no problems doing this weeks production so things will look better.

have good weekend.
(next update 8-15-22)


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Maryalee 12th Aug 2022, 7:23 AM edit delete reply
You got here by Water Flowing Underground, After the money's gone in a lifetime.
Lackinganame 14th Aug 2022, 10:22 PM edit delete reply
Money wast even here a week!
jawbone 12th Aug 2022, 12:02 PM edit delete reply
'Ent nuffink rong wiffa bitta TawkinHeds, nor walla text when necessary.
Lackinganame 14th Aug 2022, 10:23 PM edit delete reply
Still I like to hold myself to a high standard. Well higher then what it is.
Tyfariel 16th Aug 2022, 5:28 AM edit delete reply
Cer'veja wasn't even surprised that long this time.
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