Comic 1673 - A wild escape plan

23rd May 2022, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
A wild escape plan
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Lackinganame 23rd May 2022, 7:01 AM edit delete
Caught between a rock and a fast place. Hope you all had a good weekend. Me and my brother have been enjoying a second Elden Ring play though in which this time he is doing a duel strength build. Part way through he goes. "I know how you felt in our main play thought, I can just feel the wrinkles in my brain smoothing out!" He also said "I got Onga Bonga energy" It's a good time.

(next update 5-25-22)


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JSStryker 23rd May 2022, 9:28 AM edit delete reply
"Chief put us on the roof" Captain of the USS Dallas to the Chief of the Boat (COB) Hunt for Red October
JSStryker 23rd May 2022, 9:30 AM edit delete reply
This the last full week to vote so let us hit it hard and see if we can match last month! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
Lackinganame 24th May 2022, 9:35 PM edit delete reply
Ya know still haven't seen that one yet.
JSStryker 25th May 2022, 8:38 AM edit delete reply
Good action movie but about the only faithful to the book is the name..
Tyfariel 25th May 2022, 2:01 AM edit delete reply
"You really want to try holding onto me again?" Is what Arua's face seems to be saying.
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