Comic 1638 - A tickle in the ear

2nd Mar 2022, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
A tickle in the ear
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Lackinganame 2nd Mar 2022, 7:01 AM edit delete
A good start as always. Can't take the family anywhere without them bothering each other.

Also trying to put last months vote page in this comment again. Let me know you have any bad loading or weird page scrolling.

You can still find this picture and all the older pictures in the extra gallery tab.

Tirea High-SifI

This also means new voting page this month! Go vote and find out what it is!

(next update 3-4-22)


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Maryalee 2nd Mar 2022, 9:36 AM edit delete reply
Veja didn't suggest it, but he did start the chain reaction.

For the first, short week of February: 2/1 - 2/5; GRATZ netted 73 Total votes, average 14.6 votes/day, and ended the week at #151 on the Top Webcomic List.

Second week of February: 2/6 - 2/12; the comic accumulated 122 total votes, average 17.42 votes/day, and ended the week at #144 on the list.

Third week of February: 2/13 - 2/19; GRATZ hauled in an impressive 136 Total votes, for an average of 19.42 votes/day, ending the week at #142 on the Top List.
Fourth week of February: 2/20 - 2/26; GRATZ received 124 total votes (did Lacking jinx the trend?), for an average of 17.71 votes/day, and ended the week at # 135 on the Top List.

So, the last two days of February? Interesting story. Those 2 days saw a total, as of 11:36 EST Monday, of 41 votes, WHICH was enough to lift GRATZ to it's final position for February, 2022  of:
# 130 on the Top Webcomic List.

What did I say about the competition at the top 100? It's not even that the voting for GRATZ slipped this month: every other title has "upped their game" as far as the overall voting. For February, GRATZ received a total of 496 votes, an average of "17.71 votes/day" during the month.

For January? That month we hit #101? Comic received 543 votes, an average of 17.52 votes/day. I've said time and time again: "consistent" voting, every day, is how we grow. We're off to a good start for March, let's keep it up.
Lackinganame 3rd Mar 2022, 9:34 PM edit delete reply
It's not how fast you can go. The force goes into the flow.
Tyfariel 3rd Mar 2022, 2:01 AM edit delete reply
No issues scrolling or loading with the picture in the bottom! I like Arua's Sands of Time-esque reference to the bikini cloth set in WoW. I have no idea why they added it in the first place, but I have to admit that it's kinda snazzy armour to transmog to.

Veja doesn't know what he's started. I hope the three of them get to discuss the whole relationship thing between two of them, this chapter.
Lackinganame 3rd Mar 2022, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
Yep, one of the more popular cloth mugs. I think classic and BC gave us some of the best mog pieces or at least the widest variety to work with. With Wrath Blizz became to scared of clown suits to give us variety again. I feel like blizz is missing opportunity to give us more unique looking gear pieces to play with. WoW has more graphical power then ever before but it just kind of sits at times.
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