Comic 1619 - Going need a hand

17th Jan 2022, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Going need a hand
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Lackinganame 17th Jan 2022, 7:01 AM edit delete
So I was planning on doing the unique picture for Reddit every week like I did on Instagram. But after the holiday pages and these two unique pages got zero attention I'm thinking it's better if I spend my time on something else.

So here is the first and only Reddit Gratz collection!
Reddit collection 1

You can also see it and a whole lot of extra stuff in the extra gallery.

(next update 1-19-22)


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Maryalee 17th Jan 2022, 7:37 AM edit delete reply
You got to hand it to Arua, she handled that particular situation handily; whereas Pervy is looking a little ham-handed.

First full week of January 2022: 1/2 - 1/8; GRATZ received 119 total votes, average 17.0 votes/day, to end the week at #121.

Second full week of January: 1/9 - 1/15; the comic was graced with a record 127 total votes, for an average of 18.14 votes/day, ending that week at #105 on the Top Webcomic List.

This is enticing, but everyone needs to continue to VOTE EVERY DAY to keep this trend going. This is competitive territory we're stepping into.
Lackinganame 18th Jan 2022, 7:53 PM edit delete reply
I'm surprised you're still alive, I thought the Arua reddit pic would have given you a heart attack.
Maryalee 18th Jan 2022, 8:10 PM edit delete reply
It's a testament to my depression that the pic barely registered.

I'm not in a good place this week.
Tyfariel 19th Jan 2022, 3:17 AM edit delete reply
Would you accept night elf hugs?
Maryalee 19th Jan 2022, 7:03 AM edit delete reply
All hugs.
jawbone 18th Jan 2022, 8:06 PM edit delete reply
I have contributed a documented 95 of those votes myself, logged-in to Top Web Cpmics from each of the five devices I have at home. (three are just old standbys and used for nothing else.)
Tyfariel 19th Jan 2022, 3:19 AM edit delete reply
The jammies have been torn! Must be a tough fight, after all.

Every time that I see a hot spring, I feel a ton of jealousy. I wish we had onsens in the States. =O
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