Comic 1479 - Everyone got something to say

12th Feb 2021, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Everyone got something to say
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Lackinganame 12th Feb 2021, 7:01 AM edit delete
Short page to end the week on but I really like that night time page.

But there is a holiday this weekend! Click the link for the Valentine page or go to the holiday tab!

Happy Valentine!

(next update 2-15-21)


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Maryalee 12th Feb 2021, 7:12 AM edit delete reply
This is not going to go well. No one is to blame, and everybody else is to blame.

Also, racist much? The only person not using any slurs was, ironically, the Troll. And while I'm pretty sure who all the other terms was referring to, who was the Orc, scuse me, calling "rabbits," the Blood Elves?

In other news, work is giving me a headache.
Lackinganame 13th Feb 2021, 4:16 PM edit delete reply
A little more behind the scenes stuff. The three kingdoms each represent a rough outline on the views of what unites us.

Thousand Lands: Unity of life, every person has value.

Feuer: Unity of people, your neighbors matter most.

Almier: Unity through thought, those who think like you mater most.

As a fun note Feuer has the most mixed races. But they also have three main races as oppose to two main races.
Maryalee 13th Feb 2021, 8:13 PM edit delete reply
More detail is good.

Still doesn't tell me who rabbits are, though.
Lackinganame 14th Feb 2021, 9:23 AM edit delete reply
Blood elves yes, you got it right.
Tyfariel 12th Feb 2021, 8:44 AM edit delete reply
The nighttime page is pretty nice. Typo in panel three, where 'except' should be 'accept'.

And mentioning Valentine's, we've never seen Arua interested in anyone, which is just fine, to be honest.
Lackinganame 12th Feb 2021, 10:41 AM edit delete reply
Fixed typo, thank you.
Lackinganame 13th Feb 2021, 4:19 PM edit delete reply
Having her interested in someone hasn't served the story yet. Don't know If, When, and Who ether. So the only one so far would be "Van Halen"- I'm the one.
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