Comic 1391 - Leaving home again

20th Jul 2020, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Leaving home again
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Author Notes:

Lackinganame 20th Jul 2020, 7:01 AM edit delete
Tirea leaves home again but this time she will return...Someday.

(next update 7-22-20)


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Maryalee 20th Jul 2020, 7:29 AM edit delete reply
Psst...Panel 4 "board games"....

Someday the world will be at peace. Someday, Tirea will return home. Someday, we will learn Mom & Dad's names.

Panel 5 sums up in one scene all my feelings about the game's ridiculous addiction factionalism at this time. People aren't factions, people are people.

Voting results in for 2nd weekly median. Last week, 7/5 - 7/11, we saw 58 votes for average 8.28/day, down a bit from the first 4 days 7/1 - 7/4 total of 40 votes, 10/day.

For the second full week 7/12 - 7/18: 54 votes, average 7.71 votes/day. Significant decrease.

Maybe folks are on vacation? This is a sharp downturn since June.
jawbone 20th Jul 2020, 11:07 AM edit delete reply
I still vote twice a day for my favorite comics, and did so again today. This month, due to those proverbial Circumstances Beyond, I've missed two days; I hope not to miss any more.
Lackinganame 21st Jul 2020, 8:42 AM edit delete reply
Fixed it.

I think maybe muscle Arua just isn't as popular as cyber Tirea.
Tyfariel 21st Jul 2020, 6:18 PM edit delete reply
I've definitely been voting more since I started back up with reading.

Also, I like barbarian Arua a lot!
jawbone 20th Jul 2020, 11:08 AM edit delete reply
Tirea is Dougie MacArthur's long lost Tauren sister!
Lackinganame 21st Jul 2020, 8:43 AM edit delete reply
Well, Tirea does like the beach.
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