Comic 1387 - Going need some help

10th Jul 2020, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Going need some help
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Lackinganame 10th Jul 2020, 7:01 AM edit delete
I once again had to edit the first panel with this one too. As we didn't know how Tirea was feeling through out the page. The point I make in bring this up is good workmanship takes attention to detail and I sometimes make that mistake.

Have a good weekend!

(next update 7-13-20)


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Maryalee 10th Jul 2020, 7:15 AM edit delete reply
And Dad(tm) occurs. Also looks like Dad incorporated Mom 1.0, it's Super-Effective!

Kudos to reader who originally opined that Dad might relent and help out with the plan. Tirea did good with her talk. Good thing as both Arua and Veja looked like they were getting ready to "help" her out.

I sense the Feur will have some growth moments in the future, and that Arua may have made some new friends.
Tyfariel 14th Jul 2020, 8:40 AM edit delete reply
Dad has had Change of Heart!
Maryalee 10th Jul 2020, 7:20 AM edit delete reply
P.S. I've reached the point where I'm almost dead on Shadowlands. Too many negatives, not enough positives to make it worth it.
Lackinganame 11th Jul 2020, 8:41 AM edit delete reply
Interesting, I'm curious as to what are your negatives and positives.
Maryalee 12th Jul 2020, 10:05 AM edit delete reply

1. It's not BfA.
2. Minimal class unpruning. They are returning "some" few iconic class abilities to classes.
3. Azerite Armor/Traits, essences, corruption, all gone.
4. There is, supposedly, a story that does not involve the Alliance and Horde trying to kill each other. Supposedly.


1. Not even enough unpruning. Not enough abilities are being returned to the actual character. My favorite classes still feel effectively neutered and not worth stumbling through another expansion with.

2. Azerite traits/essences being replaced with Covenant Soulbinds. Soulbinds that will be "consumables" based on Dev interviews. I.e., external power system which has to be obtained through grinding. Don't give power back to characters in abilities, and create content for them to overcome; make it an external system that has to be fought out to be used, and one that won't be easy for players to change for differing content,M+/Raid/PvP.
3. Covenant system that is, at its heart, uninteresting. An entire expansion based around: getting reputation with "one" faction. Oh, wait, it's not another rep grind, it's a "Renown"...grind. That in a minute. Covenant Signature abilities aren't interesting to me, Covenant Soulbinds aren't interesting to me. I've seen the Covenant armor sets, and they aren't interesting to me. None of the pretty stuff is an incentive to me to play.
4. Covenant Renown is the "new Pathfinder." I'm sick of Pathfinder. Completely, totally, sick of Pathfinder. I originally supported it as a compromise to "NO FLYING" but it has become progressively more ridiculous. Now we have a new grind that, yes will have a weekly cap, meaning they will drag it out for as long as possible.
5. Gear at least sounds as though it will be more limited. World Quests will be more limited, and no more Emissaries handing out rewards. Dungeons, M+, and raids sound like it. I don't do those because I don't have friends who play the game anymore. I came back to the game in Legion because I thought they would. They haven't. So, character progression sounds as though it will be more limited.
6. Also Gear/Character progression: Covenant progression is mostly cosmetic: transmog, mounts, pets. The Signature abilities and Soulbinds I've already commented on.
7. This is not the story I wanted to see following the faction disaster of BfA. I was looking forward to the factions trying to deal with each other. I wanted to see the Alliance and Horde trying to decide if this was workable. If Peace was going to be a thing. I wanted to see a story of the factions deciding it it was going to be worth it to set aside the grievances of the past, and attempt to forge even a halting path to a new future. This is not that story. This isn't close to that story. I have yet to come across anything in Shadowlands that invests me in that story.
8. Sylvanas. Last, but hardly least. One of the big things I was hoping for following BfA was for Sylvanas to have to face justice/consequences for her actions. Interview snippets from Danuser and others, don't indicate that will be the case. Danuser spoke of "learning her reasons for what she's been doing", about her "speaking frankly to the player." I'm not interested in her reasons, frankly. I'm not interested in the reason she tried to commit genocide. I'm not interested in the reason she started a war that didn't have to be. Sylvanas murdered her own people at the end of "Before the Storm" because she was afraid they would weaken her hold over the Forsaken. She burned Teldrassil, attempting to murder the Night Elves, because ONE Night Elf reminded her of her life before becoming a banshee. She attempted to enslave the Valkyr in Stormheim during Legion, potentially sabotaging the Horde/Alliance effort there, because she was more interested in immortality for the Forsaken, and herself by extension. I don't care about her motives anymore, she's become a liability. Her involvement has become poisonous to the story.
9. I'll end with something I already addressed. I'm tired of playing the game solo. I came back at the end of Legion because I decided I wanted to play with friends. Friends decided they didn't like BfA. There are elements of Shadowlands I might stomach if I had a guild, if there were friends to play along with, if I had some hope of shared accomplishment. I don't, there aren't, there isn't.

You asked.
Lackinganame 12th Jul 2020, 8:11 PM edit delete reply
Ya those are quiet some concerns.

I'm not a fan of the "borrow power" that's been making up the core of our progression for the last few expansions ether.

Sylvanas has gotten a annoying to me. Shes been dragged out way to long.

But I think the biggest one of all is the lack of friends to play with. WoW really works well with friends so my sympathy there.

thanks for sharing, and I don't' mind long comments.
Tyfariel 14th Jul 2020, 9:08 AM edit delete reply
I haven'tooked too hard into Shadowlands purely because of how awful BfA is. The only information I really have gotten has been from Nixxiom's hopeful videos on YouTube. Blizzard has been running every aspect of what made WoW fun and challenging into the ground and it upsets me. I even tried FFXIV and a lot of WoW veterans have moved onto that. One Company owner even told me about the highly successful guildleader they used to be before they made the move.

Now, seeing what they have planned through your post, I'm more disappointed despite the very few positives. World Quests and Pathfinder used to be fun or optional; now they seem like a boring duty that you have to keep up with just to stay in current content.

Reputation has always been a grind, but then they decided to cap it to keep people from advancing too far because of their excessive time-gating. You used to be able to gain rep from doing little things. That was the only "grind" that existed.

I mildly cared about Azerite until it got old quick. I liked the concept but I did not like how it turned into a requirement for basically everything, even outside of dungeons and raids.

The story has been the worst disappointment yet and that includes what they're doing to Sylvanas. They had the opportunity to turn her into someone decent after Vol'jin's death and they ran in the opposite direction. Instead of making her care more about the Horde and the actual world in the face of a demon invasion and have her grow as a person, they decided to keep her rooted in the Forsaken and her own motives that continued to harm the Horde as a whole. She basically ignored Vol'jin's last request.

I'm still going to try Shadowlands regardless in the hopes that something good comes out of it and that maybe Blizzard realizes what they're doing.
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