Comic 1283 - The King of Feuer

4th Nov 2019, 6:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
The King of Feuer
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Lackinganame 4th Nov 2019, 6:01 AM edit delete
This is the 500th page of Spirit of adventure. Been a really long journey.

Ok Some thoughts on Blizzcon. Didn't get a ticket this year so I only watched the opening ceremony and did the reading on MMO Champion for the panels. So that is how I experienced Blizzcon.

Didn't care much for Blizzards Hong Kong speech, I'm glad that they said they miss handled some aspects so taking responsibility for their actions is good. But aside from that they really didn't do anything else. It felt more like they where trying to head off drama at Blizzcon with that statement more then anything else. Because that was the food lead with It may have tainted my mood for the rest of the opening. But as time went on things did get better at the panels.

Diablo IV: Not the biggest Diablo fan but I've come to enjoy it's darker aspects so I'm glad they are bring those back. At first I was worried about three class but after the panel clarifying it's five classes I'm cool with that.

World of Warcraft Shadow Lands: Annoyed at how they handled the Lich King. I liked the blue helm and the orange fire contrasts personally. I'm also very done with Salvanus, She's been big in three expansion cinematic and I'm just tired of her. The content it's self I'm a little shaky on, I am worried about the lack of strong new races or class. But I'm also very glad to see they are bring back a lot of stuff that was cut and bolstering the core of the game. I am really excited to see Pally Auras and Shammen totems come back.

Overwatch 2: No a Overwatch fan so I really don't have much thoughts on it. Other then the PvE seems like it might be more of a Hero training course or something but I'm honestly just not sure about it. My FPS are more Halo, Battlefield, and Destiny 2 (because it's free now)

So there are my thoughts on the major announcements, what are your thoughts? Anything you want to share please do I struggle to get comments and I miss hearing what people have to say.

(next update 11-6-19)


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Easytarget 4th Nov 2019, 10:27 AM edit delete reply
Grats on all the Gratz! Curiously enough there is a car repair shop around here named, owned and operated by the Gratz family.

As for the Hong Kong speech, ya J is not the most readily forthright person, however, it was about the best they could do. There is no right answer for Blizz right now, they know it and the best they could do was what they did, eat their crow before it gets any older.

D4 looks good, but I want to see what Matt Rossi and Rhykker say as they are Diablo heads.

Overwatch 2 looks to be more of what Titan was initially supposed to be, more tho, it looks like the story driven fps some of us have been waiting for in lieu of a decent Deus Ex or Half-Life release. If done well it's shots fired at Valve.

I get the feeling that WoW is going to get more races as we got an extra 4 with Legion and what will be six with BfA. It seems that new races is not a challenge they need to master anymore. As far as a new class, I would really be happy with just a massive clean up, but let's see how it goes, I am more of a fan of unique specs within classes than the full toolbox for every spec. Sylvanus needs a day of reckoning, it has to be done right, a raid boss yes, but I want to see her defeated not killed. Kind of a fan of forcing her to reconcile her deeds and punish her in a way that the lesson is learned by everyone.
Lackinganame 5th Nov 2019, 7:24 AM edit delete reply
Need one more Diablo head so we can call them the Triune.

I was surprise that there are a few Gratz uses for Gratz before internet slang. Seems in German it's derivative of Greedy and in Dutch it is slang congrats. Or at least that's what a quick google tells me.

I don't know what takes up the most amount of time in creating a new race. Kind of interested if its the modeling, texture, rigging, or animations.
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