Comic 1195 - Waiting for the herd

3rd Apr 2019, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Waiting for the herd
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Lackinganame 3rd Apr 2019, 7:01 AM edit delete
So last week I talked about the narrative problems I had with WoW. But now I want to touch on the reward structure.

I think back to a answer Gregg Street gave about the valor cap in wow. He said that the idea of a cap was to make it so people didn't have to feel like they needed to grind all the time at end game. But it ended up being a, "you have to hit this weekly or you will fall behind" kind of cap. We see in WoW now that there is no cap and there is a keep up mechanic to help players that are unable to grind for long hours everyday. So what was better?

I feel like the infinite grind at max level is a real big problem. I think it takes the idea of end game character progression. (which use to be gear based) and turns it into forever grind. What I mean by this is back in the day once your character was of a certain ilv and your stats where good. That character could be considered "done". With a done character I felt more like playing an alt or playing a different game. But now with the infinite grind I feel if I'm not playing my main then I'm falling behind. I don't consider that a good playing experience.

So on one hand I think there is value in not needing to reach a goal every week to keep up. But I think the endless grind is even worse for the game. To me the best middle ground would be to have a weekly cap, but if you don't reach that cap the remainder is rolled over to the next week increasing that weeks cap.

week 1 cap is 100 points
player gets 50 points week 1
week 2 cap is now 150 points
player gets 150 points week 2
week 3 is 100 points
player gets 75 points week 3
week 4 cap is 125 points

What this does is create a predictable expectation on what power players are basically able to have at a given point in time. This would allow for the idea of a end part to a progression system. The next question is how long should it take to reach the "end" of this system?

I'm going to say seven weeks. It's just over a month so you can collect 2 month subs. But it's also not a really long time investment that risks burning a person out.

(I hear that Belleargaming is going to cover something kind of like this. So if we end up having the same idea I for the record typed this up 3-31-19!)

But what about you? How do you feel about the reward structure? Like it? hate it? Please tell me why, There might be something I'm not seeing to this.

(next update 4-5-19)


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Lackinganame 3rd Apr 2019, 11:21 AM edit delete reply
Taking this moment to announce with excitement that yesterday I made my first real sell in the store! That beloved item was a sticker of a monkey caught scratching butt!

So if you want the hottest item from me its a monkey caught scratching butt. Enjoy!

(Sometimes life just gives these little gold nuggets)
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