Comic 1190 - Camp fire laughs.

22nd Mar 2019, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Camp fire laughs.
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Lackinganame 22nd Mar 2019, 7:01 AM edit delete
Well this week I thought I would try and put some words down about Wow.

I'm sad to say but I think the story is really struggling. I had hope for some fun story telling like we got doing MoP but instead it feels so much less. I don't have a real understanding of why and I've been trying to figure this out for months now. But I've only figure out a handful of points so here they are.

1. The story had a faulty start: I am of the opinion that the story could have been given a much better moral gray if they had started like that. I think the Alliance should have attacked Undercity due to presser from Graymain. This would have allowed the Alliance to instigate and deal with questions of when is it better to let past events go? As for the Horde they still should burn Tendressil in the same manner. The framing of this would have pushed the question when is strategic distraction used as justification for barbaric acts. So both sides would be dealing with some internal questions.

I won't go on to the rest of the story but I feel that changing up the inciting events would have set up a better frame work to build on.

2. Saylvanus is boring: I can't talk much on how the game plays from the Alliance side of things right now. But on the Horde end it's stupid. Garrosh was a problem leader but as the story progressed players where constantly given stuff on the side that showed people wern't happy with him and even help worked to fight against him in some points. With Saylvanus it's just her running around doing bad things and we only get a small handful of quests with people opposing her. The story feels bad because we only get to be bad most of the time. Saylvanus also is suppose to come across as some kind of master mind but we never see her figure something out, lay a plan and then spring the trap! We are only ever at the end of the trap. I think Baine is a perfect example of this. How did she know it was him? Where was the spy? How did she secure her power to imprison him with out the Tauren saying "screw you! It's on now!" It's just a pile of stupid convenience on top of stupider convenience! She is only smart because we're told she's smart! However the way the story is presented an ANGRY ORC was far more cunning then her!

3. How are we not the most important person in the whole word?: This kind of ties back into the Saylfanus stuff but really. Look at player history, Picked be a commander in WoD, Picked to be class champion in Legion, Picked to carry the world heart in BfA! By this point from a narrative perspective we should be the most influential person on the whole dying planet. If the Horde player would say, no to Saylvanus then based on our position in past lore that would be devastating to her. If they where to speak with the other side then again the lore would suggest that other would listen. We are way to big for our shoes now and I feel it hurts the game's narrative structure.

4. Things feel dull: We battle for Dazanalor is a cool raid structure I feel it is missed used. We once again have a raid about attacking a Horde city, killing a Horde leader (even tho he has been a problem in the past and is only potential horde leader) And to top it off seems all Alliance leaders get away ultimately safe. From a narrative perspective is SoO again. But again from a Narrative point it would suggest that the Zandalar decided to join the Horde after this raid but functionally they never weren't joined with the Horde before the raid! So this whole thing feels pointless in the over all structuring of the expansion. I think this would have worked better had there been more friction between Rasuken and the Horde and some events happen such as the horde not being able to compete with the Allience on a navel level because they really didn't have that Zandalar fleet and have that impact the story earlier in the expansion so when the raid happens and the Zandalar join the Horde now there is real risk of what that union can mean.

Those are just four ramble points about my a few of my thoughts on BfA right now. Share you thoughts, maybe you have something you like the share and I can see some good points in the game.

(next update 3-25-19)


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Thoughts 22nd Mar 2019, 7:38 AM edit delete reply
Yeah its bad at times, mostly because characters just hyer evil or disgustingly good, no exploration of nuance. Nothing wrong with a few cartoonish or flanderized characters if theres some implication of subtly. I like some of bfa story but the horde is garbage. Wows inconsistent story has been a problem for a while now actually

I’ve personally got more problems with this story than previous, but tbh Wow isn’t really known for its awesome consistent story imo, but its doing something right on some end if its lasted this long and is that influential, big things like Wow are underappreciated in that aspect, companies take from it and emulate it and its beena phenomenon for a long time, despite the story flaws and game flaws I can say it still hits the mark
Lackinganame 22nd Mar 2019, 7:10 PM edit delete reply
Good to hear it still hits the marks for you. I think that a very impotent question to ask our selves at the end of the day is. "Do I enjoy this?" And I'm glad for you the answer is yes!

Keep that smile on!
Maryalee 23rd Mar 2019, 7:26 PM edit delete reply
1. It's just as bad Alliance side for different reasons. True to form, Alliance are...not bad guys. The Alliance come to Kul Tiras not just to secure their navy, oh no, but to SAVE the Kul Tirans from themselves. Elements within KT are actively working to topple the established order, and the White Knights of Eastern Kingdom arrive to save the day. We rout pirates and the seditious Asvane Company in Tirasgarde Sound (stopping briefly to practice for a horse show/rodeo); we exorcise witches and cultists in Drustvar (and face off with the spirit of Pamela Redpath on crack); and confront the "deep" seated corruption in Stormsong, in a plot that is revealed all too early and easily. Jaina, Ms. Powerful arch mage, shows up once in Tirisgarde, and you only see her again after the opening scenario if you actually do the War Campaign. Which is mind-numbing. Literally the only time you see Greymane do anything is if you do an assault, and it's just his voice over. He may as well never leave the Portmaster's office in Borealus.

2. Sylvanas is cringe-worthy throughout. Sylvanas has never NOT been evil since she was corrupted into a banshee by Arthas. You could not play through Wc3 and not understand this. The only reason she wasn't identified as such in Wrath was because she was also fighting the Lich King and we halfway gave anyone that was a buy. The Forsaken have never been an easy fit in the Horde. It's been a marriage of convenience and shielding. Sylvanas is all about protecting Sylvanas, and the Forsaken are buffer between Sylvanas and oblivion. The Sylvanas that was shown rationalizing the war as a way to push the Alliance out of Kalimdor and put an ocean between them? That was the fake Sylvanas. The Sylvanas that burned Teldrassil out of spite? That was leaded Sylvanas.

3. I would have sworn I heard you make the case that the player had become TOO important after WoD and Legion. I thought you were looking forward to just being a foot soldier again. But you are correct, BfA is a complete reversal of Legion. A friend on Twitter posted a SS where Liadrin was saying "give yourself a rest, paladin, you deserve it." In Legion, this player was the Highlord, and Liadrin had been working for HIM. Even the Speaker for the Horde, is nothing more than a mule ordered hither and yon. Moo-haw....

4. It is dull. I am literally playing now so I can help Baine. I'm keeping up with this in the hope that I can free him from prison, and possibly help him become Warchief. Given the recent track record of everyone that holds that position, I'm not sure why I wish it for him. I'm not having fun, I'm not enjoying the story, I'm not in a guild so have no one to raid with or M+ with. I'm a gear spindle, accumulating more gear so that the fauna becomes less of an irritation than it is. And now I'm having to do it on two characters if I want the "Two Sides" achievement. It's not fun, it's a series of chores, amplified by the horrendous frack-up that is the gear system in this expansion. Just today I completed two emissaries for two pieces of 385 Azerite gear that were completely useless, while still stuck with a 370 weapon. And as a P.S., while the WQ gear rewards scale to a point, they stop at 355, and the Assaults award nothing higher than 370. Fail.

For what it's worth, Elliot Lefebvre, editor of Massively Overpowered, agrees with you. He's done a 4-part series on what he sees wrong with the expansion, the last part of which is THE STORY.

To really make his point, he even wrote what could have been a better version HERE.
Lackinganame 25th Mar 2019, 10:01 AM edit delete reply
That was a very good read, thanks for sharing.
JSStryker 24th Mar 2019, 9:58 PM edit delete reply
It is just like I said in Pandaria, "I am working WITH you (Horde/alliance), not FOR you and you better learn the difference". As for a war between the Horde and Alliance other than at the very beginning of the expansion you could fool me that both sides are at war with each other.
Maryalee 25th Mar 2019, 5:05 PM edit delete reply
Level an Alliance through Stormsong and you'll be hit in the face with the war by the time you hit Brennandam. Tirasgarde - What horde? You're too busy fighting the Irontide pirates and the Ashvane company. Drustvar - Horde, who? There are witches to kill, no time for Horde. Stormsong, you know practically from the get that Azshara has her hooks in, then the faction war breaks out in time to remind you that, oh yah, there is that thing going on.

This is contingent on NOT doing the War Campaign, which unless you're only raiding, doing M+, or PvP, there's no other reason for the expansion after 120.
JSStryker 28th Mar 2019, 10:10 PM edit delete reply
I dealt with the Horde in Brennandam. I find it amusing that the Horde and Alliance share the use of Anyport, war? What war?... What I am tired of is the leaders on both sides acting during the incursions like they are out in the field helping us fight. What I can't figure out is we are out there as the Champions of Azeroth, we kill people, elementals and heal Azeroth's wounds to protect her azerite life blood and what do we get as a reward? Azerite, of course we get Azeroth's life blood in return for killing the "bad guys" taking her life blood.
JSStryker 28th Mar 2019, 10:14 PM edit delete reply
Continues ranting, I love people telling me "The Warchief will be pleased" I don't give a flying flip what she thinks. She is second on my "If I get a chance to off her" list. First is Nathanos Blightcaller, I also have people from the Alliance that I feel the same way about Katherine Proudmoore tops my list over there.
Maryalee 29th Mar 2019, 6:54 PM edit delete reply
I take Katherine as mostly benign. (Started to say "mostly harmless" but it's too close to 4/1.) Jaina left KT on a bad note, so Katherine has only had that as an emotional anchor all this time. Sylvanas I actually don't want to kill off. Not because I like her in any respect, but because I'm tired of Blizzard killing off villains before they have to. There is more mileage that can be wrung out of Sylvanas just by removing her from leadership. Keep her around, either as an exile, heading up a 3rd undead faction, or just "disappearing" to make everyone wonder WTF she is up to. Blizzard needs to do some story building.

Blightpimple...Blightpimple I *want* as a raid boss. That would get me back into raiding to be able to punch his pale face purple on a regular basis.
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