Comic 1156 - early morning boat ride

2nd Jan 2019, 6:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
early morning boat ride
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Lackinganame 2nd Jan 2019, 6:01 AM edit delete
Well here we are in the new year. How's it going for everyone? It's been tame here, which is good because the holidays where wild for me. But for a hermit like me it dosen't take much to make this crazy.

(next update 1-4-19)


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Maryalee 2nd Jan 2019, 4:50 PM edit delete reply
Lot of intense faces here. Everyone worried/looking out for trouble at every step...paddle.

I find it amusing that after all this time Cer'veja still calls Arua "girly."

New Year is starting out with dead car. As in completely dead. Submitted request for funding and waiting to hear the damage. My code on the other hand is very alive. Cold...cough. They didn't run me away from work at least. Fortunate as I have no independent transport at the moment.
Maryalee 2nd Jan 2019, 4:55 PM edit delete reply
Minor update: I was close. GRATZ finished December at #364 with 175 votes. Let's make a New Year's Resolution to do better. I know we can.
JSStryker 2nd Jan 2019, 9:21 PM edit delete reply
I'm moving back to Florida sometime after February but before May.
Maryalee 3rd Jan 2019, 5:06 AM edit delete reply
Good luck on a smooth, no issues move!
Lackinganame 4th Jan 2019, 8:34 AM edit delete reply
Hopefully it's not to cold where your at right now. Unless maybe you like the snow? I'll try and keep the pages coming so the wait and move and settling in can at lest be entertaining.
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