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30th Jul 2018, 7:03 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Who are you
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Lackinganame 30th Jul 2018, 7:03 AM edit delete
Well this has been a week of introductions!

So how was the first week pre patch for everyone? Rough start yes but I am really liking the changes made to AV. This week I saw the Icelord for the first time sence Wrath, and even then it was a bit of a troll summon. It's also cool that IoC isn't just a glave rush ether so that nice.

The new global cool down changes are taking a bit to get use to. I play fury warrior alot now so to go form burst stacking to just one burst and not popping it and go ham immediately has taken some adjusting to do.

And how about that Jania Warbring video! I really don't like Jania personally but that was a darn good song and art giving me chills. I am interested to see what they do with her as her last few appearances have seem a little homicidal against horde.

Well another week of battle it is!

(next update 8-6-18)


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Maryalee 30th Jul 2018, 5:24 PM edit delete reply
GCD has been irritating and not. ShadowWorg and RogueWorg don't like it. GobHunt really doesn't like it, or the change to Focus, MM feels awkward now. WorgLock hasn't really noticed, but everything Destro has cast time except for [Conflagrate] anyway. BearCow has mostly noticed a slight problem with Rage generation, but has seen limited play anyway. WorgKnight has not seen as many problems with Frost as I was afraid of from Beta. Think Blizzard has done some tuning for Frost DKs that helped *some*. DeathCow does NOT like how Blood plays at all, but too bad; she and WorgKnight are the ones that have been chosen to handle the dirty work. Have not brought the Paladins out at all....

The gear on offer is 210, and Charleigne is 212 and above, so the effort isn't worth it.'ve seen the picture. She's a uniter, not a destroyer. She's no more capable of taking an innocent life than Anduin at this point.

Darkshore already makes no sense. Sylvanas has not thought this out rationally, no matter what she says. Her plan to miraculously subjugate the Night Elves for generations is a fantasy no serious warrior would entertain. It's flawed on multiple levels, but in particular the idea that killing Malfurion would somehow cow the entire Alliance into submission. Sylvanas was a very educated High Elf; she knows Azeroth history. In particular, The Second War. In that war another Warchief, Orgrim, decided to kill an Alliance leader, Anduin Lothar, with the intention of demoralizing the opposition. It didn't work. It SPECTACULARLY didn't work, and rallied the Alliance forces into a rout of the Old Horde. Sylvanas cannot believe this is going to have a different outcome, so one of two things is going on: she's acting out of hatred for the Alliance, and Malfurion in particulat; she's allowing herself to be manipulated. Your guess as to which is true at this point. Andin will use Darnassus to ship Azeurite to EK? Really? Gadgetzan has a seaport...And Tanaris is just next door to Silithus. Why chance a long caravan across country? Theremore had a seaport. They could build a new one and still be closer to the source than Darnassus. The only reason for the invasion is to deliberately inflame this conflict...and forced conflict is universally bad writing.

While I'm talking Darkshore, that's the real reason Charlie isn't going anywhere near those quests. I was otherwise not in-game all week and just unlocked the World Quests there yesterday. Last night I made the mistake of having WarrCow run the quest that is actually in Lor'Danil to replace the EarthWarder shield. Big mistake. No she didn't die, didn't come close. Nothing so easy. Part of the quest was to kill the Lieutenant Sentinel and as she dies she yells "No! Our home!"

Our home.

This is what the Horde is doing in Darkshore. We're not safeguarding the supply of Azurite. We're not insuring the survival of the Horde for the next hundred years. We're not preventing a gorram war. We're destroying people's homes and destroying their lives. Sylvanas has guaranteed there will be a war, and an ugly, vicious one that will leave everyone scarred. Maybe too scarred to ever heal.
Maryalee 1st Aug 2018, 6:39 PM edit delete reply
And no, I am not happy now. I am not at all happy right now. Happy is the farthest thing from what I am right now.

Brb. Going to choke a Warchief.
Lackinganame 2nd Aug 2018, 11:09 AM edit delete reply
Ya, I'm going talk more next Monday but I'm not happy ether.
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