Comic 1064 - Incoming after party

16th Apr 2018, 7:03 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Incoming after party
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Lackinganame 15th Apr 2018, 7:03 AM edit delete
Things just keep on going don't they.

So over the past two weeks there has been some good thoughts about the Alliance vs Horde conflict of Battle for Azeroth expansion. So for fun I thought I would share my plan on how I would conquer Azeroth as Horde!
So for starts I want to layout some ground work, the map I am using is after the cataclysm map. Also I will be looking at Kalimdor and Eastern kingdoms. Likewise I have no physical presence in this scenario so no cheep assassination or interruptions. This is how I would plan to achieve my goals not would it actually work or not.

One of the biggest thing needed is resources and food for my new empire. So to that end I start with the Kalimdor front. I will push the Horde boundaries out to cover several zones. Durotar, Azshara, Northern and Southern Barrens, Mulgore, Stonetalon Mountains will all need to be completely conquered. Next I will look at simi occupied zones. Ashenvale will need part taken, it's rich lumber supplies could be very helpful in supporting the more barren areas. But as we will get to later this my only be a temporary occupation. Sillitus will need a base to watch over Ann'qiraj but that's about it. The other territory are very barren or contain to much hostile natives to be effectively colonized and with what I have planed next they may not need to be. The druids have found some results with the wild growth in southern barrens. I would put efforts into helping new growth in both north and south barrens and try to turn them into farm and lumber lands that will help support the horde. I will also build at bridge across the chasum in between them to ease travel from Thunder bluff to Ogrimmar which will be very important for troop and supply lines. I would also set up forts at the borders of Dustwallow Marsh to keep Alliance out of the southern Barrens. However I won't take Dustwallow marsh. the swamp and local black dragon flight make the land very hard to settle in and would make a better natural barrier as armies would struggle to cross it. The thousand needles would also be defended against and Desolace. However if the druids found success in restoring North and south barrens. I would be open to aid them in Desolace restoration. The rest of the territory can belong to the Alliance with part of Ashenvale potently being returned if the resources if offers can be made up elsewhere.

Now let's look at Eastern Kingdoms. I would look to take Trisfal Glades, Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, Ghostlands, Eversongwoods, Silverpine Forest, Gilneas, Hillbandfoothills Alterac Mountains for complete conquest. Depending on how the food supplies are I might need to push into Arathi Plains but that would be the farthest I would go. My real goal on this front would be to aid the druids and the Silver hand in restoring Western and Eastern Plaguelands I hope that with those lands restored that would provide strong food supplies and offer a save strong connection between Undercity and Silvermoon City for supplies and troops. The big risk here is Gilneas but allowing a strong Alliance foothold so near Undercity I feel is just a bad idea. Sorry worgen your not getting you knell back. I would also keep a base down in Stranglethorn vale to watch the Zandalari trolls there and one in Blasted land to watch the dark portal.

There are a few things in the third parties to be worried about. The druids are lead by Malferian stormarage a nightelf who is married to Tyranda who is leader of the Nightelves. This is very worrying as when fighting will enviably brake out can he be trusted to keep the druids neutral? Next is the silver hand. Lead by a human (last I checked) Would they be willing to hand over the Plaguelands to the horde after it is cleanse? If they gave it back to Stormwind then it would fracture that route between Silvermoon and Undercity it would also cost land that could be used to supply food. The other groups such as the earthen ring and ebony blade don't seem to hold any land relative to what I have plan so mostly just try and stay cool with them.

If you haven't guessed my plan is to try and establish a point where the Horde doesn't need resources or food as such the Horde would lose a lot of reasons to go to war with the Alliance. Now I still suspect that the Horde armies would see lots of action still with the conquest in the plagelands and border defense but over all I think this would go a long way to creating a stable Horde empire on Azeroth!

So let me hear you plans for world conquest!

(next update 4-23-18)


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Maryalee 16th Apr 2018, 5:24 PM edit delete reply
Arua has yet to grasp that "do something" is going to come down to what she doesn't want to do. Sort of like this whole BfA thing.

I don't have any plan for world conquest: I'm not interested in world conquest; more to the point, I'm not interested in what conquering the world would require. And I'm way too tired to try to come up with anything complicated, but there are a few little glitches in your plan.

I don't see the druids being anxious to help you run the druids out of Kalimdor. I know Blizzard is going to worm their way around this, but in real-life terms: no, it wouldn't happen. Know who else won't be anxious to help you with that plan? The Silver Hand. Again, Blizzard is going to worm and slither their way around the implications of what they're doing, but neither The Silver Hand nor The Earthen Ring is going to just hand the Plaguelands over to the Horde and go "You take good care of it now, y'e hear?" Nope. The Plaguelands mean Lights Hope Chapel; and Light's Hope Chapel is home to 1800 souls of The Light. The Horde will fare no better there than The Ebon Blade did. We're talking about MY order here. Somebody else can speak for the Druids; but, if I see an army marching in the general direction of Light's Hope, I don't care WHAT flag you are marching under. You're going to get to experience what it feels like to fight against The Light, and against the blades of every single Silver Hand on Azeroth. Hope you brought bandages. And shovels.
Lackinganame 22nd Apr 2018, 4:40 PM edit delete reply
I may have done a poor job at articulating this part of my plan. But I don't intend to go to war with the Silver hand or the druids. I actually intend to help their cause with full military support. And hopefully they would agree to turn the cured land over to the Horde for our aid.

But you do bring up a interesting idea. How strong are the third party factions? The Horde and Alliance both seem to have the strongest military by the miles but I would guess the silver hand(and what ever else they call them selves) are the second strongest and then the Ebony blade seem to have the next strongest military. But that's just my guess.
Maryalee 21st Apr 2018, 4:37 PM edit delete reply
And I just had a horrible thought....

This is overkill. Almier is throwing the kitchen sink and the bathroom vanity at these islands, and they didn't have to. I'm pretty sure they are capable of wiping out the Trolls with half of what they've mustered here. So the question is, if not for the Trolls, then who is all this firepower intended to be brought against?

And I have a sneaking dread feeling that I know the answer. This is a trap...and it's just been sprung.
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