Comic 1046 - Getto science

26th Feb 2018, 6:03 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Getto science
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Lackinganame 26th Feb 2018, 6:03 AM edit delete
It's worked before? Ok sounds good to me.

Sorry I don't got a lot to say this week. Things are still moving along here. I got about eight more weeks left this semester so I'll try and keep up on things.

(next update 3-5-18)


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Maryalee 26th Feb 2018, 5:11 PM edit delete reply
That actually was pretty smart of Veja. If the people were being controlled with some type of poison/elixir, why leave the arrow in them after the toxin was in their blood? The arrow heads have to be enchanted for them to work the way they do. Here's a question, if the people regained their control are they now willing to work with Veja to get everyone else back? If so, then part of his strategy could be freeing enough villagers to overwhelm witchy. Get enough volunteers and she can't shoot even a fraction of them.

I volunteer to walk up to Arua and grab her butt.

. . . .
Maryalee 26th Feb 2018, 5:24 PM edit delete reply
Since you can't play right now I thought I would let you live vicariously through me. I made a kind of peace with Blizzard in the past week. It's an uneasy peace that took a long Facebook post to explain to my friends. Basically I pre-bought two Bfa for the 110 boosts. One went to my long-time main who remains retired for reasons. The other to PallyTaur, not Arua namesake, but original PallyTaur. I bought some pieces of BoE Antorus gear to replace some of the 870 boosted outfit. I them plopped her down in Highmountain, cleared that out; then cleared out Aszuna. Didn't die once, even killing every rare/elite that crossed my path (including many whose path's I *deliberately* crossed), only dipping below 90% when I accidentally aggroed some sleeping bears that were supposed to be walked between. Oh, well. Have leveled Order Hall to level VI, even though I only have the legendary that I bought; and leveled Truthguard to i897, Concordance 13. I'm now starved for Garrison Order resources, so looks like I'm going to have to go clear out Valhalla Stormheim sometime this week. I'm *saving* "Not quite right" land for last. Oh, yeah, maybe I should clear out Broken Shore so I can go clear out Argus at some point. I may need more than 892 gear to do that.
Lackinganame 28th Feb 2018, 9:24 AM edit delete reply
Glad to hear you made peace, tension dose horrible thing for sleep.

I leveled up as Ret but eventual went full Protect on my pally taur, The AOE and high sustainability just made questing easier for me.

But I am looking at being back over around summer. The semester will be over then and hopefully things will have settled down.

Enjoy your questing!
Maryalee 28th Feb 2018, 5:55 PM edit delete reply
Yah, Bulwark of Order, Eye of Tyr, Consecrate, Hand of the Protector, in addition to the self-heal I get from Rethu's Incessant Courage, means I would have to do something seriously stupid to die. Like...aggro half a cave worth of Elite Drogbears that I was supposed to *walk* through to reach the chest. Which I still managed to kill. Which is my point, that I would have to be really, really dumb at this point to get killed, like trying to solo Flotsam at my current level. Not that I've...thought...about that....
Maryalee 28th Feb 2018, 8:28 PM edit delete reply
P.S. PallyTaur the 1st.
Lackinganame 1st Mar 2018, 3:59 PM edit delete reply
I feel like I run the same talent build.

Tauren really need more styles. I think mine has the same style except the fur is different.
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