Comic 1014 - First adventure

11th Dec 2017, 6:03 AM in Spirit of Adventure
First adventure
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Lackinganame 11th Dec 2017, 6:03 AM edit delete
Ya... Seems safe enough.

So this week I wanted to pose a thought I had about WoW leveling and RPG story telling.

Say your playing horde and going through a zone. The zone story has 25 quests and you'll level after those 25 quests.

What if part way through the story you are given a chance to join a raiding party against an alliance base. You can join the raid which will be 5 quests long or you can say no and move on to the next story quest.

If you join the raid you will finish the zone having done 30 quests, leveled at 25 quests with the last 5 quests acting as progress for your next level.

If you don't join the raid you will finish the zone at 25 quests and level at 25 quests having none of the XP or loot from the raid line.

Regardless if you join the raid or not the raid will still happen.

My thought about this is to add some form of RPG to the questing. The difference in total over all quest is to add actual change to the questing experience rather then choice which color you want flavor. The raid will still need to happen as all events need to happen to keep lore true. But rather or not you are part of the event is up to you.

Being part of it will give you rewards, not being part of it will give you no rewards. This helps add differences to the choice you made.

Now I know first thought is "Why would I hamper myself by not doing the raid quests?" The simple answer is because you don't want to raid the alliance base. But not doing so will cost you XP simply put the raid on the alliance base quest is a optional quest line. You don't need it to finish the zone or to level. But if you don't do extra work you don't gt extra XP. So it comes down to more RPG. Will you do anything for XP? or stick to what you want to do?

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Maryalee 11th Dec 2017, 6:46 PM edit delete reply
Why do I have the feeling this simple adventure won't be.

Well it would be a boring story if it were, but with both of them being ventilated, something will go wrong. Possibly much will go wrong. Also, title page.

Your question is simple. No. I only ever did anything PvP, with great reluctance, to complete something in the Meta achievement. I never even completed Strange Trip because of "Hard Knocks" and every single attempt at it ran stone-wall into asshats who were: better geared for it; more experienced at it; and not at all interested in helping someone get an achievement. So all these years later I have no violet proto-drake and have abandoned any attempt to complete it. The very last pvp that I did was in MoP for Wrathion's cloaks. And I almost cried through every single one. The fact I completed 5 still amazes me to this day.

I don't just dislike PvP. I hate PvP. I abhor PvP. I despise and detest PvP. If PvP were required to play the regular game I would have quit years ago. PvP to me is what hell is. It is the absence of all that it good.

I would choose 1000 quests per level, instead of one PvP raid that would accomplish the same thing. Next question.
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