About Me


Well the first think is where my name came from. you see one day I went to comment on a comic and it asked for a avatar name, well i didn't have one and the only think that came to mind was Lackinganame which if you brake it up says Lacking a name so it describe the mess I was in. after that it just kind of stuck.

No doubt you know I can't spell by now.

Why I write

I write for fun. No doubt people would call my style jovial and minor but I don’t do it to be artsy I do it for fun! Long before it was published I did it for my family. And that’s a principle I want to stick with. If I wouldn’t show it to my family then I probably won’t do it.

History of Gratz

Well Gratz actually wasn't even called that, it started with a drawing I did doing lunch one day my junior year. I was listening to "king of pain"-Police. So it was actually going be a drama called “king of pain”. The drawing was an early version of Vancore back before he was even called Vancore. I did a drawing for Starfire once again before she was even called that in which she was actually a fury warrior.

How ever things changed I did the concept art for Red and Green I wanted to brothers and when I did that I flipped over the song and was listening to “come on feel the noise” –quiet riot. That was then followed by “spirit of radio”-Rush. And I got the picture that we see of Red and Green for Gratz genesis.

Well those two won’t going to work for a drama so I changed up my idea and thought about doing humor. I did the work for Gorak an old war vet who my grate grandfather had a lot of influence in I redid the work for Vancore and gave him his name and aged him up a bit more. Starfire underwent some changes as well, I wanted some one that had healing spells and so she became a druid which is where her name came from.

The next idea was a gag of the day format but by the 2nd page that idea had change and became a story!

Gratz was drawn in the back of a seminary building doing lunch hour my junior and senior years of high school. I had thought about publishing it but held off because I would be leavening for a mission and didn’t want to let it sit around. How ever it found its way into other things I did such as making a mothers day video for my ever loveing and supporting mom for mother’s day. The video was set the music of “on top of the world”- Van Halen.

Well the day of my mission arrived and I set Gratz aside tell the time I would come home and pick it back up.

That day arrived and now I am moving a head full speed with Gratz and hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!