Gratz - Extra



The stuff in here has nothing to do with the Gratz Stroy line but is stuff I just did for fun. ENJOY!


Grat: Star Wars


Gratz: Avengers


Tauren Paladin: A drawing of a character that I hope to use one day.



GRATZ: Starsky and Hutch


THE HORDE CHOPPER: In celebrations of the 2014 Azeroth chopper contest



GRATZ WARLORDS: In celebration of the World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor expantion


SPACE ARUA: A fun drawing of Arua I did.



Armored Archon of the Light



Cer'veja Troll hard




Legion Expantion: In celebration of the Legion expantion anouncement.





The makeing of Gratz:

One year of Gratz:

3 Years of Gratz:

Drawing Charging Arua:

Drawing Charging Arua (long version):


Drawing guide videos (2015)

Step 1 Manikin:

Step 2 Sketching:

Step 3 Inking:

Step 4 Coloring:

Step 5 Environment:

Step 6 Shading:



Drawing guide video picture.









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