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GRATZ Genesis

writen in the years 2009-2011

if first time read THE ART WILL GET BETTER!


Vancore (gratz genesis)

All tho young he has a strong will and dose not give up in battle, he is also noted to be very strong in body and mind. He is very confident in his ability yet humble so he never over looks a opponent. How ever despite all this he is very shy and awkward when given noticed by people of power, further more he is shy around girls, one he has a strong attachment to Starfire that he dose not know how to tell her about.






Starfire (gratz genesis)

A young druid she left her studies early to look for adventure. She is very strong willed but slow to anger. How ever she dose not take well to being called cow and other highly vulgar names. She finds Vancore very cute and funny in his shyness and will intently say and do things just to see him blush and fidget. She also likes him but is willing to hold back until he admits it first.







Red and Green (based on hair color real names unknown) (gratz genesis)

Two twin brother trolls, both are mages and both love to party. They each believe that they are better looking then the other but at the same time will complement the other knowing that it applies to them as well. There real names are unknown.







Gorak (gratz genesis)

Doing his younger years Gorak served in the orc army as a foot shoulder for a number of years. Out standing skills and feats in the field of battle caused him to be moved up in the ranks and then all together transferred to the special forces where he remand for the rest of his military life. He was removed from the Special Forces and the front lines all together on account of his age. He then served as a weapons master and drill sergeant for a number of years but left the position in pursuit of adventures and glory that he felt in the front lines of his youth.





Gratz Transition

Started in septmber of 2012 after retruning from the Teaxes San Antonio Mission







Name: Vancore (Gratz Transition)


  Vancore has finished growing up over the years, now fully mature he stands at the front of the team. He is not as shy as he once was and his relation ship with Starfire has only grown stronger and is leading to bigger and better things. Time with Red and Green has made them the best of buds and he is the occasional voice of wisdom for them and occasional they’ll get him into trouble. His mentor Gorak in his old age is now a voice of wisdom for Vancore who is learning the final skills that will make him a leader and hero for the rest of his life.







Name: Starfire (Gratz Transition)


  Starfire has grown over the years now a young and insightful woman it is quickly becoming apparent that she is more gifted in her druid powers then most. But that doesn’t stop her from still having fun with Vancore who’s her relationship with has become very strong. Red and Green have become good friends of hers and one of the few people she trusts to watch her back and assist her when needed. She worries about Gorak his age is beginning to show and she fears what might happen to the orc that has been like a grandfather to her all these years.







Name: Red and Green (based on hair color real name unknown) (Gratz Transition)


  The hard work that they’ve been through has paid off. Now ripped that’s just one more thing to go to there head. Corse that hasn’t changed them from the jokers they truly are inside. To them Vancore is there smarter friend who they try to get do dumb things. (They succeed at times). Starfire is more like there sister to them now. Tho they still tease her about legally being fair game. And Gorak the old orc that doubles as a drill sergeant. There going to miss him.







Name: Gorak (Gratz Transition)


  The years have been hard on Gorak. His age is starting to show now and he no longer has the strength or stamina he once had. But he still provides counsel and knowledge to the rest of the team. He is finishing training Vancore who will replace him as leader. He is family to Starfire. He is a wise head to Red and Green. Gorak is readying his finale days. But there are still hunting memories in his pas the need put to rest before he rests.








Writen 2014


Starfire and Vancore


At long last Starfire and Vancore are married. But the story is far from over with for these two. They will need to learn to adjust to being married and face the many dangers that a wait them. But with the support of each other and their good friends at there side, They might just pull it off.


Red and Green


As the life of the party Red and Green are starting to wonder if they may have made some mistakes. Their good friends are all grown up now but what about them? What will happen to them in the coming years? At long last the party is ending for them. But just so another one can begin!




Having finished his quest Gorak has retired. Well he is not able to fight any longer his mind is still sharp as ever. The warrior has become the scholar and he will show that the most dangerous weapon of all is knowledge.




Solace: Augest 2014


Arua: A young Tauren female with a heart of gold.


Cer'veja: A young Troll thats a scoundral.